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AUC's professional staff

Services & Communications

Marcus Smit

Marcus Smit is the team leader of the Services & Communications support staff, and AUC's internationalisation officer. Marcus was employed as a Student Exchange Adviser at the central international office of the UvA before coming to work full-time at AUC in 2014. Originally trained as a sociologist, Marcus has always had a great interest in themes surrounding diversity, education, global migration and integration.

Benjamin Garstka

Benjamin Garstka is AUC's Communications Officer. Originally from the US, Ben moved to the Netherlands for his Master’s degree at Utrecht University, interned for the Prince Claus Fund, worked as an editor and learned Dutch. Ben joined AUC's communications team in January 2015. 

Nora McLeese

Nora McLeese is one of AUC's Communications Assistants. Half-Dutch and Half-American, she holds a Master’s degree in Journalism from London College of Communications and a Master’s degree in New Media and Digital Culture from the University of Amsterdam. Prior to moving to Amsterdam, she worked for several tech startups in London, focusing on content management and social media. Nora joined AUC’s communications team in February 2016.  

Marliene Stolker

Marliene Stolker is one of AUC’s Internationalisation Officers and the Administrative Coordinator for Community Projects and Internships. After having obtained her BA in Museum Studies at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, she completed her RMA in Comparative Literary Studies at Utrecht University, focusing mainly on memory and trauma studies, animal studies and the South African writer J.M. Coetzee. During her Master's studies, Marliene went on exchange to the State University of New York at Binghamton. Prior to joining AUC in November 2018, Marliene worked as a Liaison Officer for incoming and outgoing exchange students at the UvA central international office.

Laura van Leijen

Laura is AUC's online marketeer and content marketing manager. In 2016 she obtained her Master's Degree in Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, focusing on persuasive tactics in health communication and marketing. After graduation, she decided to travel for one year, visiting China, Borneo and Japan amongst other countries. When she returned, she began working for large commercial brands as an online marketing consultant. After 4 years, she traded the commercial world for the world of education to use her marketing knowledge to attract potential students by conveying the right message to the right audience. Laura joined AUC’s communications team in June 2021.

Rein Bernard

Rein Bernard is AUC's Graduate Assistant to the Services and Communications team. He graduated from AUC in July 2022. During his studies, he focused on both physics and sustainable development, and was active as a board member of the AUC Student Association. He has been highly involved in the AUC community and found it fitting to continue doing so as a graduate assistant.

Student Life Officer

Aino Kekkonen

Aino Kekkonen is one of AUC’s Student Life Officers. Originally from Finland, Aino received her BA in Psychology from the University of Glasgow and her MSc in Clinical Psychology from Leiden University in 2017. Prior to joining AUC, she worked in the Learning Support Department at the British School in the Netherlands supporting students with additional needs. In the past, she also completed internships in counselling and worked in support organisations for people with disabilities.

Lisa van Berkel

Lisa van Berkel is one of AUC's Student Life Officers. Joining AUC in April 2021, Lisa was born in the UK but grew up in the Netherlands. She earned her BA in Psychology and MSc in Clinical Psychology from Utrecht University. After graduating, she decided to travel and when she returned, she started working as a psychologist in the clinical field, mostly in counselling. Ever since she decided to study psychology she has had a very specific goal: to encourage and support young people to be the best they can be. 

Fili Dianellou

Fili Dianellou is AUC’S temporary Student Life Officer. She was born and raised in Greece. She is a psychologist and Gestalt psychotherapist in training. She received her BA in Psychology from Aristotle University and later earned her MSc in Clinical Psychology from Leiden University. Before joining AUC, she was working with gender-based violence survivors, refugees and expatriates. Assisting people in becoming active agents in their own lives is what motivated her to delve deeper into psychology. As a dancer, Fili has a passion for creativity and expression through arts.

Thais Prophte

Thaïs Prophte is AUC’s Graduate Assistant to the Student Life Officers. She is Brazilian and French, and has lived in France, the Netherlands and Portugal. At AUC, she focused on the Film track and wrote her Capstone on experiences of bodily spectatorship in the 2016 horror film Raw (dir. Julia Ducournau). She was also PR Manager and then Chair of the film committee CUT.

Admissions & Registrar

Janey Niemeijer

Janey Niemeijer is the Head of the Registrar's Office since April 2022.  Janey joined AUC as College Secretary in September 2018. She was born in Enkhuizen in the Netherlands to a British mother and a Dutch father. After having completed her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the UvA, Janey went on to complete her Master’s degree at Leiden University in European Union Studies. Janey then went on to work as the Private Secretary to the British Ambassador at the British Embassy in The Hague and at the Trimbos Institute in Utrecht. She now works as AUC’s College Secretary while also teaching social studies at the Horizon College in Alkmaar. 

Steph Harsveld

Steph Harsveld joined as AUC's scheduler in January 2022. Prior to joining AUC, Steph worked at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies where she supported the Education Desk as well as the Examinations Boards and met regularly with the Datanose and SIS teams. Before joining the University of Amsterdam, she was a secretary to the Examinations Boards at Nyenrode University, and before that, she briefly worked at CLSA at the Zuidas and at a criminal law firm in Amsterdam Zuid. Currently, she is completing a part-time BA in Philosophy with a minor in Political Theory and a focus on Critical Animal Studies at the University of Amsterdam.

Bob Kardolus

Bob Kardolus is AUC's Management Assistant, working in admissions and student administration. With a varied professional background in human resources, immigration and relocation, administration, translating and interpreting (Japanese-English-Dutch), language training and clog dancing, Bob has always worked with a combination of languages, legislation, procedures, communication and practical matters. Previously, he has worked at the Japanese School of Amsterdam and Kyocera Mita Europe, among others. He joined AUC in January 2010.

Cheryl Moolhuijzen

Cheryl joined AUC as the secretary of the Board of Examiners in February 2018. Cheryl has a varied international background having worked in Ireland, Australia and the US working for banks, shops, restaurants and with (wild) dolphins. She started working at the UvA in 2012 at the FNWI Board secretariat, and then went on to work as an Appeals Officer as part of the Central Student Administration team.

Kasia Malarek

Katarzyna (Kasia) Malarek is AUC’s Admissions Officer. She is originally from Poland and has been living in the Netherlands since 2008. Kasia holds a BA in English Philology and an MSc in Applied Psychology from the University of Liverpool. Before joining AUC, she worked as an English teacher and an admissions manager, supporting various educational institutions as well as a programme manager within corporate education.  In her free time, she enjoys playing the guitar and piano.

Iwona Rajczyk 

Iwona is AUC’s Administrative Assistant to the Registrar's Team. She is originally from Poland but has been living in the Netherlands for the past 17 years. She completed her MA in English Language and Culture at the UvA and recently completed a post-graduate course in Business Administration from the University of Roehampton. For more than 12 years, Iwona worked for Laureate Online Education as an Admissions Specialist and later as a Senior Academic Operations Specialist in charge of cyclical faculty scheduling processes for the online courses of the UK partner universities. Over the years she gained diverse experience working directly with students as well as project and operational experience working with cross-functional international teams in the operations department. In her free time, she enjoys reading books, going for long walks with her dog and running. She also loves travelling and meeting local people to learn more about different cultures and local customs.   

Katarina Lendel

Katarina Lendel is AUC’s SIS Local Coordinator.

Jenny Hornikx

Jenny is one of AUC's Administrative Assistants to the Admissions and Registrar's team. She has worked for UvA (and briefly for HvA) for several years and in several positions. After obtaining her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in criminology (specialising in criminal careers and the developmental and psychological part of crime) she started working at the START appointments for international students. After that, she worked as an admissions officer, assistant programme manager, academic adviser and is now focusing on admissions as well as registrar tasks. Outside of work, she loves to bake cakes and treats and is the founder of the Baby en Kind Café IJburg.

Jack Rockett

Jack Rockett is one of AUC's Administrative Assistants to the Admissions and Registrar Team. He is originally from the UK and before moving to the Netherlands he lived in Toronto, Canada, for two years. He has a professional background in administration and has previously worked for organisations in higher education, government and the travel industry. He himself is an avid traveller, Norwich City FC supporter, and often spends his spare time reading or watching series/films.

Alumni and External Relations Officer

Gerylaine Campos

Gerylaine Campos is AUC’s Alumni and External Relations Officer. Originally from Aruba, Gerylaine has also lived in the US, London and South Africa before finally settling in the Netherlands. Gerylaine received her BA in Political Science from Earlham College and her MSc in International Development Studies from the University of Amsterdam. She has a passion for working in higher education institutions and enjoys connecting communities through groups like UvA Pride. As an alumna of the United World College, Gerylaine appreciates working in an institution that champions diversity, excellence and sustainability.

Coordinator for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Rowena van Asselt

Rowena van Asselt is AUC's Coordinator for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion since February 2022. She joined AUC in September 2019 as Administrative Officer and Secretary to AUC’s Board of Studies. Originally from the UK, Rowena previously worked as an Intellectual Property Rights Officer at the University of Oxford and prior to that spent 13 years in scientific publishing, working in editorial and publisher positions at the Royal Society of Chemistry and Springer Nature. Rowena studied Zoology at the University of Bristol and has an enduring love of science, research and the natural world.

Education Development Officer

Celestine Leah

Celestine Leah is AUC’s Education Development Officer. She joined AUC in June 2020 after working 6 years in program management at Nyenrode Business Universiteit, and 5 years in student support at Laureate Online Education. Originally from the UK, Celestine moved to the Netherlands in 2007 after a period of travel in South-East Asia, and working at The Royal Opera House in London. Celestine completed her Bachelor’s degree in Dance Performance at Middlesex University and her Master’s Degree in Jungian and Post-Jungian Studies at University of Essex.

College Secretary

Dr. Belinda Stratton

Dr. Belinda Stratton is AUC's College Secretary. Until June 2022, Dr. Stratton served as AUC's Managing Director. Dr. Stratton obtained her BSc (Honours) and PhD in Chemistry at the University of East Anglia in the UK, with a study abroad period at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. After her studies, she worked in an editorial department of the scientific publishing company Pergamon Press before moving to the Netherlands and starting to work at the European Association for International Education (EAIE) in 1993. She was the EAIE's Publications and Information Manager when she was recruited to the AUC team at the end of 2007.

HRM, AUC Scholarship Fund and Finance

Archana Ramdihal

Archana Ramdihal is AUC's Human Resources (HR) Assistant. Until 2015, Archana worked at AUC in the Registrar's Office, was the Secretary for the Board of Examiners and the SIS local coordinator. She obtained her BA in Educational Studies (PABO) at the Hogeschool Rotterdam in 2008. After completing her BA, she studied at the University of Leiden where she completed her BA and MA in Educational Studies, with a concentration in Learning in Professional Contexts. After working as a teacher at a primary school, Archana joined AUC in 2011. 

Wiebe Stuive

Wiebe Stuive is the Financial Officer for AUC and the ASF Scholarship Fund. Prior to AUC, he worked at the UvA/HvA Administration Centre, where he was a part of the project administration team. His experience includes years of working in a financial role for various companies in the Netherlands and Spain, playing guitar in a rock band and clowning. He joined AUC’s support staff in March 2017.

Ernst Jonker

Ernst Jonker is AUC's Financial Controller, and works at the UvA's Administrative Centre.

Quality Officer

Victoria Smit

Victoria Smit is AUC's Quality Officer Institutional Research. She started at AUC in March 2021 after having obtained her BSc in Governance, Economics and Development at Leiden University College in 2018 and her MSc in Public Administration in 2020. She is currently completing her MSc in Statistical Science at Leiden University. Her professional experience includes tutoring maths and statistics, working at the ICT and Education department at Leiden University’s FGGA and an internship at Statistics Netherlands (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, CBS). Outside of work she enjoys watching series, swimming and taking care of her pets and plants.

Facilities Housemasters

Jaap Boertje, Rina Rekers and Martin Versteeg are AUC’s Facilities Housemasters. They are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Academic Building.