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AUC Introduction Week

30 August - 3 September 2021

Introduction Week

All new students who have accepted their offer and will be attending AUC starting September 2020 will participate in the AUC Introduction Week from 30 August to 3 September 2021. Here you will find basic information about the activities that will be happening during the week. Please note that, due to the changing nature of coronavirus measures, it is currently unclear of what the division between online activities and on-campus activities will be for Introduction Week 2021. Regardless of format, the September 2021 AUC Introduction Week will begin on Monday 30 August 2021.

  • Impact of coronavirus on Introduction Week at AUC

    The Dutch government has put in place various measures to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). For the September 2020 Introduction Week, this inevitably had consequences for the programme with all activities needing to take place online. While it is unsure of what the situation will be in September 2021 given the changing nature of the measures taken in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, there will be a mandatory Introduction Week for all students starting at AUC. Whether this will be entirely online, a mix of online and on-campus activities or entirely on-campus is not yet known. This page will be updated to reflect the current information available, including a preliminary programme, in June 2021. 

About AUC Introduction Week

Introduction Week is designed to get new students acquainted with AUC and its policies and procedures. During the week, you will be given essential information and advice about studying at AUC, including your final course schedule and first meetings with your AUC academic tutor. During the first tutor meetings, you can also discuss possible changes to your course schedule. Furthermore, the AUC Introduction Week is also an important step in building the AUC community and getting to know your fellow students, staff and the city of Amsterdam.

Introduction Week activities and programme

During Introduction Week, AUC together with the Amsterdam University College Student Association (AUCSA) creates an intensive and engaging programme to provide the best basis for becoming a part of the AUC community. 

This involves an active orientation on academic and social norms and expectations, an awareness of structures and procedures, and the importance of overall engagement in the AUC community. Introduction Week is a great opportunity to meet fellow students, your academic tutor, representatives of the AUC Student Association (AUCSA), the AUC Student Council (AUCSC) and multiple members of the AUC faculty and staff. 

As a new student, you are assigned to a group. During the Introduction Week, your group is led by two or three older AUC students, your Mentors. These second- and third-year students will help guide you through the Introduction Week activities and the necessary procedures to ensure you have a smooth start at AUC. Throughout the week, you will have the chance to ask questions about both academic and practical matters, from where to get your books or adjust your course schedule to registering with the municipality and where to buy a bike! All of this is complemented by social activities and events organised in cooperation with AUCSA to make you feel more at home.

New students who have confirmed their offer and will be attending AUC will receive more detailed information by email in mid-August. If you have any questions about Introduction Week, please feel free to send us an email.

Registering for Intro Wek
Amsterdam University College Introduction Week


  • Do I have to attend¬†AUC Introduction Week?¬†

    Yes! Attendance at AUC Introduction Week is mandatory for all new students enrolling at AUC. If, due to situations or circumstances beyond your control, you must miss all or part of Intro Week, please inform us immediately by sending an email to