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Choosing your study
Information for prospective students

Choosing a study programme is a big decision. From what subjects you want to study, to where you want to live, the type of lifestyle you want and what you want to do after graduating, there are many factors to consider when finding the university that best suits you. In order to help get you started, we've compiled important information about Amsterdam University College (AUC) in a single source to guide you through various aspects of life on campus and the academic programme to assist you in making an informed choice for your future.

Student studying
Step 1: Getting oriented

Start the process of familiarising yourself with the AUC programme by learning about the curriculum, which subjects you can study, what makes a major and residential life on campus, including a look in the student residences where all students live.

Students in residences
Step 2: Chat with students and join Open Day presentations

Now that you're familiar with the basics of the AUC programme it's time to dig into the details by chatting directly with students or attending an AUC Open Day event, or VU or UvA Bachelor Day presentation to get to know our campus and ask your questions to AUC lecturers, tutors and current students. 

AUC at UvA Open Campus Day on 17 March

Curious about Liberal Arts and Sciences? Join us during the UvA Open Campus Day on 17 March 2023 from 15.00 to 20.00 to learn more about the academic programme, fields of study, hear about student experiences and learn what life is like on campus!
More information.
Open Day at AUC

Online VU Bachelor's Day: 11 February 2023

On 11 February 2023, VU Amsterdam will be hosting an online Bachelor's Day. Via an online portal and mini-presentations over Zoom, you'll be able to learn more about VU programmes, including AUC, and chat directly with staff and current students.
More information about AUC and the VU
UvA Logo

UvA Bachelor's Week: 18-25 March 2023

Curious about studying liberal arts and sciences at Amsterdam University College? You'll be able to join our Meet & Ask presentation during the UvA Bachelor's Week from 18 to 25 March 2023 to learn about how the study programme is structured, what it's like to live in the student residences, more about our admissions procedure and take a look at what students do after graduating from AUC. Stay informed via the link!
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Student talking to future student at a booth during UvA Bachelor's Week
Student in classroom
Step 3: More about admissions & attend a sample lecture

We understand that no two students are the same, and we want to give you the chance to ask our admissions team your individual questions. You should also take a moment to join a sample lecture, either online or on-campus, to better understand how course material is discussed in class and what you can expect as a future student. 

Ask an Admissions Officer

Do you have a particular question about our admissions requirements, application procedure, grades needed or the process of enrolling at AUC? Feel free to contact our admissions officers directly by using the link below and selecting "Admissions/application" as the subject of your question. This will ensure that our Admissions Officers have the time to carefully consider your enquiry and give you a complete and personalised answer.
Send us your question

Contact AUC Admissions: Zoom office hour Tuesdays from 13.00 to 14.00

Did you receive an offer from AUC to start in September 2022? You may have questions about finalising your enrolment, which documents you need to submit, or other practical issues related to accepting your offer. You can chat with an Admissions Officer live on Zoom on Tuesdays from 13.00 to 14.00.
Access the office hours link
Admissions colleague working behind a desk
Students in a group
Step 4: Submit your application

If AUC seems like a good fit for your interests, we warmly encourage you to submit an application for admission. Please keep in mind that the deadlines for applying for a September 2023 start at AUC are 1 December 2022 ('early bird') and 1 February 2023 (regular). While applying, you may also consider looking into the AUC Scholarship Fund. The deadline to apply for an ASF Scholarship is 1 April 2023.

Apply by 1 February

We are now accepting applications from students looking to start at AUC in September 2023. You can review the admissions requirements, application deadlines and what you will need to prepare before applying by following the link below.
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Applying to AUC

AUC Scholarship Fund

The AUC Scholarship Fund (ASF) supports diversity by offering full and partial scholarships to talented low-income and/or minority students. Applications are open to both Dutch and international students.
Find out if you qualify

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