AUC mission and values

Excellence and Diversity in a Global City

AUC mission

Two major research universities have joined forces to create a liberal arts and sciences undergraduate experience in Amsterdam that demands excellence from its students, preparing them for high-level performance in a 21st-century knowledge economy that is fuelled by innovation, and equipping them for today's globally engaged and culturally diverse society. 

AUC values

A commitment to excellence, diversity, and the global perspective defines and drives AUC. We seek excellence in all that we do and believe that it is not only the responsibility of each individual to strive for his or her best, but to create the conditions for the success of others. This requires respect: respect for yourself, respect for others and respect for the institute.

Diversity is our strength. Different approaches, ideas and values are integral to the creation of a vibrant and challenging learning environment. Diversity, however, requires tolerance. Tolerance, understanding and open-mindedness are therefore expected of every member of the AUC community.

Finally, we believe that a global perspective is central to the success of every student. A global perspective requires active engagement with other individuals, communities, and the world. This engagement is celebrated and valued at AUC.

Published by  Amsterdam University College

5 August 2019