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Application procedure

All prospective students (Dutch and international) complete the same application form and go through the same admissions process. The five main steps of the application procedure are outlined below.

  • 1. Meet the minimum requirements and submit your application online

    To be considered for admission to AUC, you must first complete and submit our online application form together with the required documentation. Please read the Application Guidelines carefully before you start working on your application.

    After you have submitted your application, we will first check if your previous education meets the general minimum entry requirements for a Bachelor's degree programme at a Dutch research university. Along with checking the minimum entry requirements, we will also check if you have sent all of the information we need to assess your application and that your application package is complete. We will also check whether we have received two of your recommendations in order to proceed with processing your candidature for admission.

    Deficiencies in English and/or maths
    Please note that deficiencies in meeting our English and/or maths requirements will not prevent your application from being reviewed, and you will be able to work toward meeting the requirements before your intended start date at AUC.  We require that you rectify all deficiencies before 1 July when starting in the subsequent September of that year. Should your level of English and/or maths indicate too large of a deficiency in meeting the minimum requirements for the major you are applying for, your application will be rejected. You will, however, be given an opportunity to appeal to this decision, along with the accepted proof of proficiency, within six weeks. Exceptions can be made if there is a specific reason for the deficiency, such as health-related issues and/or other unforeseen circumstances or incidents.

  • 2. Application review

    Procedure for reviewing applications
    If your application package is complete, and your previous education meets the general minimum entry requirements, we will review your application.

    AUC reviews applications in two batches that correspond with the two application deadlines. Applications from those who apply as ‘early birds’ (meaning you have submitted a complete application before 1 December) will start to be processed in the first week of December. Applications for those who apply for the regular deadline (meaning you have submitted a complete application before 1 February) will start to be processed in the first week of February.  

    All completed applications submitted on time are reviewed by academic tutors under the guidance of AUC’s Admissions Committee. Each application is first independently reviewed by two admissions tutors based on clearly defined criteria as described in the policy on admissions. If the two tutors reviewing a certain application agree as to whether the applicant should be offered a place at AUC, they then put the applicant forward to the Admissions Committee for consideration in the cohort. Should the two reviewers diverge in their decision, the Admissions Committee will investigate whether the candidate qualifies for an offer.

    Based on the recommendations of the admissions tutors, the Admissions Committee decides on the number of offers to be made based on the criteria and composition of all possible applicants in a cohort, per batch.

    The early-bird applicants will all be processed first, and an initial round of offers will be made based on the quality of their applications. After all applications submitted before the regular deadline are reviewed by admissions tutors, the Admissions Committee will then make offers based on the overall composition of the incoming cohort and consideration of specific criteria to maintain balance in a cohort (i.e., how many students apply for each major). It is also possible that an applicant who applied as an early bird is not directly made an offer, is not rejected, but is rather transferred to additional rounds of consideration for possible offers to be made.

  • 3. Decision on admission and offer of a place at AUC

    After your application has been reviewed by both the admissions tutors and Admissions Committee, a decision on admission will be sent to all applicants. For early birds (submitting a complete application before 1 December), the decision on admission will be sent in the first week of February. For applicants applying for the regular deadline (submitting a complete application before 1 February), the decision on admission will be sent in the first week of April.

    Offer of a place at AUC
    Should you obtain a positive decision on admission from the AUC Admissions Committee, you will receive an offer of a place to study at AUC. The offers made are conditional, meaning you will need to meet the minimum diploma requirements (i.e., complete your secondary school programme on time), in addition to any possible English and/or maths requirements, before starting your studies at AUC. Your offer letter will specify your conditions of admission and how you can meet them.

    Wait-list option
    In certain cases, candidates may receive a message that they have the option of being placed on a waitlist. There is no ranking among the students on the waitlist. In case another candidate in the cohort should decide not to accept their offer to attend AUC, an offer of a place will be made to a candidate on the waitlist. Please note that there is no cost of remaining on the waitlist, but there is also no guarantee of being made an offer if you exercise this option.

    No offer and opportunity to appeal
    Should you not be offered a place at AUC, and not be placed on the waitlist, you will be informed by our Admissions Office as to why an offer was not made. In this letter, you will also receive information on how you can appeal this decision.

  • 4. Optional: Attend an online information session about your offer

    Online information sessions for students who have received an offer to study at AUC

    If you receive a (conditional) offer to study at AUC, you will be invited to attend an online information session (in February for early-bird applicants; in April for regular deadline applicants). While not mandatory to attend, the online information sessions will further explain the conditions of your offer, the steps you need to take to accept your offer and what you can expect in the coming months while preparing to start at AUC.

  • 5. Accepting an offer and start of enrolment procedure at AUC

    If you decide that AUC is the right programme for you, you will need to officially accept your offer by email and confirm your intent to study at AUC within the deadline stated in your offer letter. For early-bird applicants, you will typically need to respond by mid-March as to whether you will accept your offer for the coming year. For regular applicants, you will typically need to respond by mid-May.

    Additional time for accepting an offer
    In exceptional circumstances, you may request additional time to respond to your offer. However, you must make a special request for this to be granted by contacting our Admissions Office as soon as it’s clear that you won’t be able to make your decision within the given time frame.

    Not responding to your offer on time
    Should you not respond to your offer on time, your offer will be rescinded. Once this happens, you will no longer have the option of accepting your place at AUC.  

    Starting enrolment procedures at AUC
    As soon as you accept your offer, we start the procedures to complete your enrolment at AUC as part of both the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Our Admissions Office will contact you regarding which documents you must submit and will instruct you on practical matters you need to take care of before starting your studies at AUC, including how to pay your tuition, arranging a residence permit (if necessary), and registering for on-campus housing. You will also be invited to attend the on-campus Welcome Day in May [optional] and Introduction Week in August [mandatory].

  • 6. Optional: Welcome Day for students who accepted their offer

    Welcome Day for students who accepted their offer on campus

    While optional, the Welcome Day in April or May will allow you to further get to know AUC, our community and other students who have accepted their offer. You’ll be able to visit the campus, speak with academic staff members, meet current AUC students, tour the student residences and ask any final questions you may have before starting at AUC. More details will be sent to those who accept their offer by email.