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Transfer of credit

If you have already completed or will complete (the equivalent of) at least 30 European credit points (ecp), you can apply for a transfer of 30 ecp (and in exceptional cases, 60 ecp). Please complete and send to AUC Admissions the transfer of credit request form and all required accompanying documentation.

  • Transfer of credit conditions

    A request for transfer of credit can only be considered in combination with a complete application for AUC. The programme where you obtained your credits must be recognised as and/or meet the criteria of a first year of study at a Dutch university. You can apply for a transfer of credit of 30 ecp (the equivalent of one semester at AUC) and, in exceptional cases, for 60 ecp.

    Also, please note that not all courses completed at university can automatically be considered for transfer of credit. Depending on your educational background, a certain amount of university-level studies may be required for you to be admitted to a Dutch research university in the first place. University-level studies that are necessary for your admittance cannot be considered for transfer of credit. If you are not sure, please contact the AUC Admissions Office (see link below). Please remember that evaluating diplomas and credits from international universities can take time.

  • Credit transfer options

     Please note that students can only receive:

    1. A 30 ecp transfer of credit (one semester), meaning the student only studies at AUC for 5 semesters (2 ½ years) to meet the full 180 credits
    2. In exceptional cases, a 60 ecp transfer of credit (full year), meaning the student only studies at AUC for 4 semesters (2 years) to meet the full 180 credits
    3. Course waivers per relevant course. A course waiver does not substitute credits. For example, if a student receives a course waiver for BRMS I, they still need to acquire 180 credits, but do not have to take the BRMS I course. They can instead use this space in their curriculum as they see fit, as that particular requirement has already been met.

    Please note that a transfer of credit can only be requested before starting your studies at AUC (during the application process). A course waiver, however, can be submitted at any point while studying at AUC. 

  • AUC transfer of credit checklist

    In order to submit a transfer of credit request, you will need to send the following information to the AUC Admissions Office:

    • completed transfer of credit request form [see below]
    • recent transcripts or official grade lists for all completed courses
    • complete course outlines or descriptions for all courses
  • Transfer of credit digital form

    All students applying for a transfer of credit should use the form found via the link below.

  • Decision on transfer of credit

    Your transfer of credit request can only be considered after you have been formally accepted at AUC. The transfer offer will not be final until your official transcript or diploma has been received by AUC, documenting all the courses required and their grades. AUC may require that you achieve a minimum GPA or average grade before allowing the transfer.


If you have any questions, please contact AUC Admissions using the link below.