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Course Catalogue

AUC Course Catalogue

The AUC Course Catalogue offers information on all AUC courses given in the Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and Academic Core. Courses are listed under the various disciplines at the 100, 200 and 300 level. Some courses are cross-listed, which means that they can count as a major requirement in more than one discipline, eg. in both the Social Sciences and Humanities. 

Digital Course Catalogue

From 2018 onward, the AUC Course Catalogue has been integrated into the University of Amsterdam's digital Course Catalogue. In the UvA digital course catalogue listing, information is specifically available on courses offered at AUC per semester, including the 16-week period and 4-week intensive period. You can view courses offered at AUC via the link below.

AUC Course Catalogues from 2013 to 2020