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AUC's policy on admissions

The AUC Admissions Committee oversees the application and selection procedure for Amsterdam University College.


AUC admits a maximum of 300 students per year. Both Dutch and international students are welcome to apply. AUC is committed to non-discrimination and will admit students of any race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status or physical disability. To help ensure equality of opportunity for all students, a scholarship programme is available.

Assessment and review process

All applications are carefully assessed on their individual merits in a review process. Each application is assessed by at least two admissions staff members. The admissions team is composed of a range of experienced academic and support staff members. The whole application dossier is taken into consideration, but in particular the students' academic abilities. Applicants who pass this review stage are then invited to an Admissions Day. The Admissions Day programme features a variety of activities specifically designed to let applicants experience AUC’s academic and social scene and meet some of AUC’s faculty and students. It is combined with a personal meeting with a member of the AUC faculty, where the applicant's study plan and self-assessment can be discussed in more detail.

After the review and Admissions Day, the AUC Admissions Committee sends the letters offering students a place at AUC.

Forming a diverse community

In parallel to the consideration of individual students on their personal performance and profile, the Admissions Committee also pays attention to the composition of a socially coherent yet diverse cohort of students. Excellence and diversity are combined in AUC's mission. Consequently, we seek to establish an academic community that reflects the social, cultural and economic diversity of our globalising world and that fosters global knowledge and international and intercultural learning through ongoing dialogue among people with a variety of experiences and life views.

The AUC Admissions Committee therefore aims to put together a student body with a high academic profile and a mix of social, cultural and economic backgrounds, as the best teaching and learning environment to foster global knowledge and international, intercultural learning.

Criteria considered for admission

You are in principle eligible for admission to AUC if you have a secondary school diploma that can be considered equivalent to the Dutch VWO.

Whether or not you will actually be offered a place at AUC will depend on your:

  • academic excellence: you must demonstrate your ability to meet the academic demands of the AUC programme
  • level of proficiency in English and mathematics: you must meet our English and maths requirements
  • motivation and ambition to study an intensive and broad Liberal Arts and Sciences programme
  • commitment to contribute to AUC's international student and campus life (please note that AUC is a residential programme)

Your grade point average (GPA) will be used as an indicator of your academic excellence and will be taken into consideration alongside your interests and motivation as expressed in:

  • a personal study plan and self-assessment (see application guidelines)
  • recommendations from, for example, the head of your secondary school and (former) teachers

For more details, see our application form and application guidelines.