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AUC students are allowed to take up to 42 credits of the 180 credits required to graduate as off-campus courses. Off-campus courses can be taken in the second or third year of their studies as part of an exchange programme abroad, at VU Amsterdam, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) or any other university. To take an off-campus course, AUC students must first submit a request to AUC's Board of Examiners or AUC's International Office (if studying abroad) to have the course approved before enrolling.

Off-campus courses as part of studying abroad

Nearly one-third of AUC students take a full semester of off-campus courses by studying abroad during their second or third year. AUC has a wide international network consisting of highly ranked research universities and liberal arts and sciences colleges around the world. AUC students can also make use of the bilateral partner network of the University of Amsterdam and part of the Erasmus network of VU Amsterdam. A list of AUC's partner universities and study abroad destinations open to AUC students via the UvA and VU can be found via the link below and for current students on Canvas.

Taking off-campus courses at VU or the UvA

Both VU Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam offer many courses that can be interesting for students to complement their studies at AUC. Depending on the courses they've already completed at AUC, their timetable and available seats in the desired off-campus course, AUC students can enrol in hundreds of courses that are taught in the other Bachelor programmes of the VU and the UvA. For example, students can follow specialised courses that allow them to learn more about specific subjects or better prepare them for specific graduate programmes. For all off-campus courses, students must first submit a request to AUC's Board of Examiners to have the courses approved before enrolling.

The listing of courses offered at the Bachelor's level at VU Amsterdam and the UvA can be found via the links below. For any questions regarding taking off-campus courses while studying at AUC, please feel free to contact us.