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Are you a motivated (vwo) secondary school student, fascinated by broad topics crossing disciplines, cultures and institutions? And do you want to have a positive impact on our world? Explore the AUC academic and residential study programme, having a look at the sections below. The programme is taught in English and open to both Dutch and international students.
  • AUC's academic programme

    Amsterdam University College (AUC) offers a Liberal Arts and Sciences programme, leading to a joint Bachelor (Honours) degree from the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.   

    Study the 'big questions' of today
    Are you excited about many different topics? And you don't want to limit yourself by doing a disciplinary Bachelor's? At AUC you can combine multiple fields of study into one programme. Are you interested in Mathematics ánd Sociology, want to know more about Environmental Sciences ánd International Relations or maybe deep dive into Film ánd Biology? At AUC you can shape your own programme within the Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities. 

    Why is combining multiple perspectives not only fun but also important? Today's ‘big questions' in science and society are extemely complex. Think about climate change, public health, culture, AI or another global issue. These complex issues can only be analysed from multiple perspectives and academic fields of knowledge in order to find valuable solutions.

    Freedom in selecting your own courses. 
    First, you will choose one of three majors (Sciences, Social Sciences or Humanities) to become a specialist in your field of study. That isn't all. In total you can select 2/3 of your own courses. With so much freedom in your study programme, what could you do? The six course constellations below can give you inspiration (not mandatory) how to combine courses from different majors into a coherent programme:   

    • Cognition and Imagination  
      With topics like the nervous system, senses, consciousness, media and the arts.  

    • Digital Worlds  
      With topics like information systems, artificial intelligence, digital transformations, games, privacy and security.  

    • Energy and Climate  
      With topics like system earth, climate change, energy transition, and governance and legislation.  

    • Health and Society  
      With topics like human health, (international) public health, bioethics and health technology assessment.  

    • Human Development  
      With topics like evolution, the anthropocene, social and cultural change, migration and urbanisation.  

    • Order and Complexity  
      With topics like stability and resilience, cybernetics, origins of life and universe, material worlds and networks.  

    Small-scale education with a lot of personal attention. 
    You will engage on a daily basis in intensive and small-scale seminars with high calibre international staff. An AUC tutor (academic adviser) supports you in the process of planning your study programme, to help you ensure it is solid and coherent and will meet your academic and/or career goals. Substantial emphasis is placed on scientific reasoning within an interdisciplinary approach. 

  • Admission to AUC

    Are you thinking about applying to AUC? We would love to get to know you and your interests!  

    Since AUC has a different application process than regular university programmes, please read our application procedure and find out how to apply. To found out if AUC's programme is matching your personal interests, potential and ambitions, AUC assesses applicants on their motivation and secondary school results.  
    The AUC Scholarship Fund promotes diversity in the student body with generous support from the international business community.

  • AUC campus and student residences

    There is so much to learn outside the classroom, right? That's why all AUC students live and study together on our international campus, located in the Amsterdam Science Park. Your time at AUC will become a truly intercultural and social learning experience.  

    Science Park's concentration of education, research institutes and enterprise is the perfect academic environment for AUC, as well as being the location of the University of Amsterdam's sports centre and other sport and social facilities. 

    Amsterdam University College (AUC)

    Room Location of AUC Academic Building
    Science Park 113
    1098 XG Amsterdam

  • AUC student community

    As a member of the AUC student community, you will belong to a vibrant group of young people interested in studying real-world problems that cross the boundaries of academic disciplines. Through working in a diverse environment of different languages and cultures, you will develop your creativity and critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills. We hope to welcome you as individual with your own unique background, motivations and passions to contribute in your own way to the AUC student community.

  • Life after AUC

    Depending on your chosen major, you will receive a Bachelor of Science diploma (Sciences majors) or a Bachelor of Arts diploma (Social Sciences and Humanities majors).  

    AUC graduates are well prepared to continue their studies at Master or PhD level at major research universities in the Netherlands and abroad, or to pursue a career in international corporate or public organisations. Typically, AUC students study further in the following fields:   

    • Sciences major: Medicine, Environmental Sciences, Computer Sciences, Neuroscience.   

    • Social Sciences majors: International Relations, Law or Economics programmes  

    • Humanities majors: Cultural Studies, International Relations.  

    The most common fields where AUC alumni go on to find employment include research, advising, education, hospitality, the cultural sector, health sector, management and marketing. The most common job titles are consultant, researcher, data scientist, project manager and policy officer.

  • Talk to an AUC student!

    Would you like to talk directly to an AUC student to find out more about their personal student experience at AUC? Chat with them!

  • Stay in touch!

    If you want to receive updates about Open Days, sample lectures, scholarship opportunities and admissions deadlines, then please use the form below to let us know how to reach you. 

How to choose your study?

We've created a single source with information to help guide you through the various aspects of our academic programme and residential life, including Open Days, webinars and how to contact us.