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Life at AUC

Amsterdam University College is a residential institution, where students live and study together in a close-knit academic community, situated between the University of Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam. AUC students have access to the facilities of both these institutions, but AUC also has its own study programme, its own academic building and its own student accommodation complex.

Video produced by AUC students Leon Lan and Andrew Kambel 

A close-knit community in the global city of Amsterdam

The AUC campus is by no means an isolated setting. With the multicultural city of Amsterdam at your doorstep, and with easy access to all the services of both the University of Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam, you have the best of both worlds: the intimate and supportive atmosphere of a small-scale institution with the advantages of two major research universities in a global city. Combine this inspiring atmosphere with 900 students and the result is an array of committees, clubs, initiatives, organisations and businesses linking the worlds of academia, experiential learning and real experiences. 

Explore the links below to learn more about AUC's campus setting, the student residences, local neighbourhood and life in the city of Amsterdam.