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Admission requirements

Criteria for being admissible to AUC

In order to be eligible for admission to AUC, you will need to meet the following minimum requirements.

Average secondary school GPA

AUC students have on average a secondary school GPA of ≥ 3.0 (≥7.5 in the Dutch system, ≥ 5 for IB, ≥ 10 for Abitur).

Additional characteristics

In addition, the AUC Admissions Committee looks for students with the following characteristics:

  • academic excellence: you must demonstrate your ability to meet the academic demands of the AUC programme
  • motivation and ambition to study an intensive and broad programme
  • commitment to contribute to AUC's international student and campus life

Conditional offers

If you do not (yet) meet the admission requirements, then any offer of a place at AUC will be on a conditional basis. The conditions will be specified in the letter offering you a place. You will have to meet those conditions before you can be admitted.

AUC is a selective programme with a limited number of places and we prioritise prospective students who have not previously completed a Bachelor's degree. If you already have (or are about to complete) a Bachelor's degree, you can still apply to AUC, but your chances of selection will be lower.