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Do you have a question about the AUC Scholarship Fund? Have a look at the most frequently asked questions (and their answers) below. If your question isn't addressed in the FAQ, then please feel free to contact a representative of the ASF via the link found at the bottom of the page.

Application and applying

Criteria and conditions

Payment and procedures

  • How is the ASF scholarship paid?

    The scholarship is paid in 10 instalments: one in each month except in July and August. The money is transferred to your Dutch bank account.

  • Are the ASF scholarships full-cost scholarships?

    There are two types of ASF Scholarships: standard and full-ride.

    A standard ASF scholarship is intended to help cover some of the costs of studying at AUC. You will need to be able to supplement a standard ASF scholarship with some of your own money or with other study financing, grants, or scholarships, in order to pay for rent, food, books etc. as well as your tuition fees.

    The full-ride ASF Scholarship is intended to be sufficient to cover all of the costs of studying at AUC, including tuition fees. Only a very small number of full-ride scholarships can be awarded each year.

  • If I get an ASF scholarship, does the AUC Scholarship Fund pay my tuition fees for me?

    No, the AUC Scholarship Fund pays the scholarship to you personally and you are then responsible for paying your own tuition fees.

  • If I get an ASF scholarship, when do I start to receive the money?

    If you are awarded an ASF scholarship for a September start, you will receive the first instalment in mid-September (for current students awarded a scholarship starting in February, payments will start in mid-February). This means that you will not begin receiving the money until after you have arrived and started your studies. By extension, it also means that you will need to have enough money of your own for your first few weeks to cover your first bills and expenses until you start to receive the scholarship instalments.

  • My parents are paying my tuition fees. Can my scholarship be paid into their bank account?

    No, an ASF scholarship must be paid into a Dutch bank account in your name.

  • For how long will I receive an ASF scholarship?

    If you are awarded an ASF scholarship, you will receive it for six semesters/three years, as long as you meet the conditions for renewal at the end of each year (or until you graduate, if that is sooner). It is assumed you will graduate within three years of starting your studies at AUC.