Honours programmes VU, UvA and AUC

Both Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and the University of Amsterdam (UvA) offer an honours programme for their talented and motivated bachelor students. AUC students are often also eligible to register and partake in these courses at either the VU or UvA.

The students who are selected for the honours programme have the opportunity to invest more time in their own area of study and to broaden their horizons. They typically take courses worth a total of 30 extra credits within their own department and across other departments. Most courses of the honours programmes are taught in English and graduates receive a Bachelor honours degree.


It is possible for students at Amsterdam University College (AUC) to take an elective in one of the honours programmes of the VU and UvA. Similarly, honours students of the VU and UvA have the opportunity to take an elective in the Liberal Arts and Sciences programme at AUC.

Please note that the enrolment period and procedure for VU and UvA honours courses are different than that for AUC courses.

Information for AUC students

Before you register for a UvA or VU honours course, please read the information about honours courses on Canvas carefully. Please note that you should also contact your tutor before you register for a UvA or VU honours course.

General information for VU/UvA honours students

Before you register for an AUC honours course, please read the following information carefully. Most AUC courses are taught during the day and almost all courses meet twice a week (1.5 hours per class).

AUC’s attendance policy

Attendance at AUC courses is mandatory. You are only allowed to miss five classes during the entire semester (five of the total 32 classes).

Course levels

In reading the course descriptions, you may notice that all courses have a particular level and list a number of prerequisites. AUC offers courses at three different levels: 100-level courses, 200-level courses and 300-level courses. 100-level courses are often introductory courses that most AUC students take in their first year and 300-level courses are typically the highest level courses that students take in their third and final year.


The prerequisites form the entry requirements that students need to meet in order to follow a course. These prerequisites refer to other courses in the AUC curriculum that a student needs to have taken before he or she can follow a particular course. However, because you are not an AUC student, you will probably not have taken any of the prerequisites. This is why we request that you read the course descriptions of the prerequisites carefully to determine whether you think you have sufficient background knowledge to take part in the honours course of your choice. You can find all the course descriptions in the course catalogue on the AUC website. If you are in doubt, please send an email to the AUC Registrar Office.

Limited number of places available

Please note that all honours courses have a limited number of places with only 25 students per course. This means that it is not possible to guarantee that you will have access to a certain course during a certain semester. If you have questions about course availability, please send an email to the registrar's office using the link below.

Published by  Amsterdam University College

15 April 2019