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Paramita Paul teaches Art in China, Introduction to Visual Methodologies, and Global Modern and Contemporary Art at AUC. She studied Sinology and has specialised in Chinese art history at Leiden University (MA cum laude, 2003), at Beijing Language and Culture University, and at Kyoto University. She received her PhD from Leiden University in 2009 on a full scholarship from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Her dissertation “Wandering Saints: Chan Eccentrics in the Art and Culture of Song and Yuan China” investigates the aesthetics and sociology of visual representations of Chan or Zen eccentric monks between the tenth and fourteenth centuries.

Paramita, Paul

Before coming to AUC, Dr. Paul taught courses in art history, visual culture and area studies, as well as Mandarin language courses at Leiden University and Leiden University College The Hague. Her research interests include Chan/Zen Buddhism and art, and issues of art, heritage and cultural identity. Recent publications include “The Eccentrics of Istanbul” (Ming Studies, 2018) and “Into the New Wonder House” (Journal of Chinese Overseas, 2018). She is one of the editors of Aziatische Kunst, the journal of Asian art of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.