Forceville, Charles (Dr.)

1 September 2012

Charles Forceville teaches Narratives Across Media at AUC. He is associate professor in the Faculty of Humanities at UvA. For the past thirteen years, Forceville has worked in the Media Studies department, where he directed the Research MA program from 2004-2012. He studied English at the VU University Amsterdam and held part-time appointments in the English, Word & Image, and Comparative Literature departments at his alma mater from 1988-1999. His PhD dissertation (VU 1994), funded by the Dutch National Science Council was published by Routledge (Pictorial Metaphor in Advertising, 1996). He did a post-doc on "Narration in Fiction and Film" at the Universiteit Leyden and in 2009 co-edited, with Eduardo Urios-Aparisi, Multimodal Metaphor (Mouton de Gruyter). In 2008 he was Fellow, with Kurt Feyaerts and Tony Veale, at the Royal Flemish Academy (VLAC) in Brussels, Belgium, working on the project The Agile Mind: Creativity in Models and Multimodal Discourse. The outcome of this work has resulted in the volume Creativity and the Agile Mind , edited by the three Fellows, which has been scheduled to appear with Mouton de Gruyter in June 2013. Forceville's teaching and research interests include multimodal metaphor & discourse in a variety of media and genres, including documentary film, animation, advertising, comics, and cartoons. He is a strong advocate of combining text-based analyses (from 1987-2007 he regularly reviewed English-language fiction for Trouw) with pattern-finding, believing that this combination is essential to building bridges between humanities research on the one hand and social science and cognition research on the other. For more information about Charles Forceville, please see link below.