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Student residences

On-campus housing at AUC

All AUC students are housed in one of three buildings in a single purpose-built complex on the Carolina MacGillavrylaan in Amsterdam Science Park, located in the Amsterdam East (Amsterdam-Oost) neighbourhood of the city. The modern student residences are owned and managed by housing association DUWO.

Guaranteed on-campus housing

AUC guarantees accommodation for three years to all of its students. All students are required to live in the student residences for the six semesters (including summers) of their studies so that their time at AUC becomes a truly intercultural and social learning experience. The residential aspect of the international campus is an important part of life at AUC. You will be able to cooperate and discuss issues with fellow students and lecturers both during and after class hours, while also engaging in various social and cultural activities with fellow students.

  • Room selection procedure

    If you are offered admission to AUC and you accept it, you will be placed on the list to pick your preferred room in May via, the digital selection platform used by housing association DUWO. All rooms that become available over the summer are listed in this system and you will be able to view the room size, address, type of unit and rental price. In most cases, there will also be a floor plan available. It is not possible to allocate single units to all students in their first year. However, at the end of your first academic year at AUC, you will be allowed to switch rooms before new students move in. This ensures that most students get their preferred room by the end of their first year. Please note that shared units are always single-gender and not co-ed. 

  • Room types: single, two-person shared and four-person shared apartments

    The rooms in the student residences are a mixture of single units (one student studio) and shared units (two or four students). Some shared units are two- or three-room apartments, while others are large open-plan spaces. All units have a kitchen corner and their own bathroom (toilet and shower). There is a small laundrette on the ground floor of the middle block of the residences, accessible only to residents. You need to top up a laundry card from DUWO in order to use the machines; detergent and fabric softener are included in the price and automatically supplied.

    In a small number of cases, first-year students may be allocated a temporary occupancy room that is a shared, furnished unit for either two or three students. These rooms are of a temporary nature, as all students placed in these rooms will later be placed in their permanent room, typically by the end of the first semester, but at the very latest at the end of their first year. Students who are allocated these rooms are informed of this directly by DUWO.

  • Room contract with DUWO for three years

    As a student at AUC, you are guaranteed housing for three years of study (the normal time to complete the programme). Your contract with DUWO will start on 1 August in the year in which you begin your studies at AUC. Your contract will then last for three years, ending on 15 July in the year in which you are expected to graduate.

    For example, if you would begin your studies at AUC in September 2023, then your housing contract with DUWO would start on 1 August 2023. You will then have a valid contract for your three years of study, until 15 July 2026. You would then be required to turn in the keys to your room before 15 July 2026. 

    Please note that if you encounter delays in completing your studies that would require an extra semester or extension beyond the initial three years of study,  we cannot guarantee a room in the student residences will be available for these additional semesters or years. While we will do our best to try to arrange extensions and rooms for students who require additional time to complete their studies, this isn't always possible and you may need to find your own housing solution should there not be any space in the residences.  

  • Room prices and costs

    You will sign a tenancy agreement with DUWO and rent your accommodation directly from them for the duration of your studies at AUC.


    Single units
    Single units, before receiving a rent benefit (huurtoeslag), are more expensive than shared units. These are on average around 518 EUR per month. However, most students living in a single unit will be eligible to receive a rent benefit of around 199 EUR per month, bringing the total cost of a single unit to around 319 EUR per month. There is also a limited amount (21 rooms) of larger single rooms (those with more than 32 square meters of space) that are on average around 630 EUR per month. This larger type of single room is not eligible for rent benefit for those who are 23 years old and younger. 

    Shared rooms
    The rent for a two-person shared room is an average of approximately EUR 392 per month per person. For a four-person shared room (two bedrooms, two people per room with a large shared living room), the costs are typically around EUR 248 per month per person. These costs can slightly vary depending on the exact dimensions of the room in square meters.

    The rent includes an advance towards service costs, e.g. your utilities such as electricity and water (collective and individual), cleaning of public spaces, rubbish collection and contents insurance. Each year DUWO will calculate your actual service costs: if you have paid too much, you will get a refund. If you have paid too little, you will be charged the difference.

    Internet, telephone and television

    Internet and television are automatically arranged for each unit at a flat rate of 15 EUR per month, which is added to your utility bill.  

    Municipal taxes

    You also have to pay the municipal taxes for your unit (waste and water). These are currently around 499 EUR per year for a one-person household. Students with a low income are eligible to have these fees waived. 

  • Self-furnished rooms

    The units are decorated and equipped with a floor-covering and curtains, but they are not furnished. You will need to supply your own furniture, kitchen equipment/appliances and any other home goods you may need. All the units are centrally heated (underfloor heating). 

    Please note, all student rooms shown have been furnished with items that students have purchased themselves. Your room will not have furniture in it upon arrival.

  • Your neighbours: 'stringmates' and shared common spaces

    Each corridor in the residences is divided into separate ‘strings' of around 10 to 15 units each. Many of the strings have a shared living room where you can get together with your ‘stringmates'. There are also secure storage spaces for bicycles available for each string to use. The residences all have inner courtyards and spacious balconies or loggias, where you can go to relax in the sunshine and enjoy some fresh air.

  • Sports facilities, public transport and shopping/grocery stores

    Sports facilities

    The University Sports Centre (USC) has a large branch located in Amsterdam Science Park. Additional sports facilities are within easy reach (ice skating rink, swimming pool, etc.).

    Public transport connections on campus

    Science Park also has good public transport connections, particularly Bus 40 that stops near the student residences and runs between Amstel Station and Muiderpoort Station (to get into the city centre). Science Park also has its own railway station, which will take you to Amsterdam Central Station in around 10 minutes. 

    Convenience stores and shopping

    In addition to the Spar grocery store on campus, you can also go to the nearby Molukkenstraat, or travel a little further to the Middenweg and Linnaeusstraat, where you will find a variety of grocery stores/markets, cafés and other practical stores nearby. For Do-It-Yourself, there are Praxis, Big Bazar and Xenos shops close by. The city centre is only a short bike ride or bus/tram trip away.

  • Location of the student residences

    The student residences are just a five-minute walk from the AUC academic building. You can find their exact location in GoogleMaps via the link below.