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Meeting our maths requirements

Improving your maths and filling any deficiencies

If you are offered a place at AUC it may be conditional on your filling a gap in your maths skills in order to meet the requirements for your desired major. For small deficiencies in your maths, it may be possible to undertake independent coursework to prove that you’ve fulfilled the requirements by the time you start at AUC.

Deficiencies in maths

Upon offering you a place, AUC will advise you on the size of any deficiency you may have in maths and any further conditions you will have to meet before you can be admitted to AUC. Below we outline some of the options that we may recommend for meeting those conditions.

For any deficiency determined to be too large to remediate before the start of the academic year for which you have applied, you will be advised to first complete additional mathematics coursework before your application can be evaluated.

Courses through SOWISO and OMPT tests

For those with a small deficiency in maths, AUC recommends that you complete the OMPT (Online Mathematics Placement Tests) exams provided by SOWISO as proof that you have filled (or will fill) the deficiency. It may be the case that you will need to complete the practice materials and mock exam prior to taking the OMPT exams in order to achieve a sufficient score on the OMPT to be admitted to AUC.

SOWISO’s exams and preparation materials are available through a digital learning environment and may be started at any time during the year, meaning that you can begin working on completing them as soon as possible.

You can find more information about filling a small deficiency in mathematics per major below.

Alternative proof

If you wish to fill your maths deficiency in a different way or offer alternative proof, then you must check with AUC Admissions well in advance that it can be accepted.

Tutoring offered by Students4You

If you are taking your final secondary school exams this summer and want to get the best possible grades, you may be interested in the services of Students4You. This is an organisation set up and run by AUC students (completely independently of AUC) which offers personalised support for exam preparations. Created with prospective AUC students in mind, current AUC students offer tuition in a range of subjects including mathematics, sciences and languages. Follow the link below for more information.