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AUC creates strategic plans to present themes, priorities, areas of focus and overarching goals to work toward for the next five years. The current five-year strategy is known as AUC NEXT.

AUC NEXT: 2022-2026

AUC NEXT presents the direction that AUC intends to take in the five years from 2022 to 2026. As a strategic plan, it has a double purpose. It is a description of what AUC considers to be the key features of its institutional identity and position in the wider educational landscape, as well as a statement of the priorities and choices that follow from this and that will guide future internal decision-making.

AUC NEXT is the outcome of an extensive process of deliberation. AUC is grateful for all of the input received from students and staff, the executive boards of the UvA and VU, the AUC Council of Deans, the 2022 mid-term accreditation review panel and AUC’s International Advisory Board. Following the completion of the formal consultation process, AUC NEXT was adopted by the AUC Board on 31 October 2022. 

AUC21: 2017-2021

In April 2016, AUC began strategic conversations aimed at bringing together colleagues and students, the college, and representatives of the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In brief, this was an opportunity for stakeholders and members of the AUC community to talk about future goals, wider contexts in which the institution operates, various opportunities available and challenges faced.

The results of the discussions are available to read in the document below. It encapsulates over a year’s work by the entire AUC community, thinking together about how to best prioritise the ambitions and aims for the five-year period between 2017–2021.