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Social Sciences faculty members

Social Sciences faculty members at AUC

The Social Sciences Faculty members includes lecturers who work only for AUC in addition to lecturers from the University of Amsterdam, VU Amsterdam and other knowledge institutes and universities in the Netherlands. You can find which courses each faculty member is teaching and a link to their profile or biography by clicking their name below. 


Tanja Aalberts
Courses: Moot Court Lab

Nazar Abdulazeez
Courses: Migration, Integration and Diversity; Inequality and Poverty

Aleeha Ali
Courses: Empire and its Afterlives, Classical and Modern Anthropological Thought

Eric Ansink
Courses: Environmental Economics

Wouter van Atteveldt
Courses: Political Communication and Data Analytics

Christiaan Behrens
Courses: Advanced Micro-Economics

Rony Boerrigter
Courses: European Union Law

Bjoern Brugemann
Courses: Fundamentals of Macro-Economics

Eddy de Bruijn
Courses: Psychology

Fabio de Castro
Courses: International Sustainable Development

Pola Cebulak
Courses: European Union Law

Emma Cohen de Lara
Courses: Classical and Modern Political Thought

Scott Dalby
Courses: Anthropologies of Community

Eduardo Dias
Courses: Risk Management and Natural Hazards

Yvonne Donders
Courses: International law

Melanie Eijberts
Courses: Classical and Modern Anthropological Thought

Ursus Eijkelenberg
Courses: Constitutional and Administrative Law

Thijs Etty
Courses: Environmental Law and Policy, Global Environmental Governance


Natalia Guzevataya
Courses: Sociology of the Other

Anne de Graaf
Courses: Human Rights and Human Security, Peace Lab Rwanda, Peace Lab Kosovo

Florian Heine
Courses: Comparative Public Policy

Casper Hesp
Courses: The Empathic Brain

Sanne Hettinga
Courses: Sustainable City

Miriam Hollarek
Courses: Developmental Psychology

Shuyu Huang
Courses: Law, Society and Justice

Julia Hulsken
Courses: Cognition Lab

Nosa Imaghodo
Courses: Race, Class and Gender Intersectionality

Fatjon Kaja
Courses: Principles of Private Law, Corporate Social Responsibility

Nadine Ketel
Courses: Econometrics

Mark Koetse
Courses: Environmental Economics

Michael Konig
Courses: Advanced Micro-Economics

Eric Koomen
Courses: Urban Environment Lab

Maxim Kupovykh
Courses: Contemporary Sociological Thought; Classical and Modern Sociological Thought; Nations, Nationalism and Modernity

Peter Lanjouw 
Courses: Development Through and Equity Lens

Edoardo Martino
Courses: Market Failures, Institutions and Economic Policy

Karen Mortier
Courses: Social Cognition


Duru Oezkan
Courses: Cognitive Psychology

Remco Oostendorp
Courses: Development Through and Equity Lens

Alessio M. Pacces
Courses: Corporate Social Responsibility

Erica Pasini
Courses: Violence and Conflict; Diplomacy Lab; The International (Dis)order: Past and Present; International Relations Theory and Practice

Daniel Pineu
Courses: International Crimes; International Relations Theory and Practice; Violence and Conflict 

Angelika Port
Courses: Linguistics

Jakob Rauch
Courses: Advanced Micro-Economics

Klaas Rozemond
Courses: Criminal Justice Systems

Gabriela Russo Lopes
Courses: International Sustainable Development

Younes Saramifar
Courses: Sociology of the Other; Migration, Integration and Diversity; Inequality and Poverty; Medical Anthropology

Melvin Schut
Courses: Classical and Modern Political Thought; The Politics of Modernity

Cas Smulders
Courses: Artificial Cognition: Pattern Recognition; Mind Reading: Multivariate Pattern Analysis  

Otto Spijkers
Courses: International Law

Matthieu Steijn
Courses: Sustainable City

Sylvia Stolk
Courses: Human Rights Law and Politics; 

Olaf Tans
Courses: Legal and Social Philosophy; Law, Society and Justice


Marina Uzunova
Courses: Economic Thought in a Historical Perspective

Monserrat Vasquez Ladron de Guevara
Courses: Challenges of Food and Nutrition Security 

Ingo Venzke
Courses: International Law

Paul Verhagen
Courses: Mind Reading: Multivariate Pattern Analysis 

Jasper de Waard
Courses: Social Cognition, Cognitive Psychology

Marc van de Wardt
Courses: International Political Economy

Lia Wesenbeeck
Courses: Fundamentals of Micro-Economics; Challenges of Food and Nutrition Security; Advanced Macro-Economics; Perspectives on Economic Theory

Allison Wilson
Courses: Democracy in Crisis; International Relations Theory and Practice

Amit Zac
Courses: Artificial Intelligence, Technology and the Law

Ydwine Zanstra
Courses: Psychology