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Thijs Etty teaches Environmental Policy and Law, and is a tutor at AUC.

He is a Lecturer and Researcher in European Law and Transnational Environmental Governance at the VU University Amsterdam, where he is cross-appointed between the Law Faculty and the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM). He teaches a variety of courses at bachelors and masters level at the VU law faculty, in the Environment and Resource Management Master (ERM), and the VU Earth & Economics Bachelor. He also teaches European Environmental Law & Policy in Leiden University European Union Studies Master. Previously, he taught at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), as a Lecturer/Researcher with the Amsterdam Centre for Environmental Law and Sustainability (ACELS) and the Research Unit for Biotechnology Regulation Amsterdam (RUBRA).

His research interests are in environmental law and policy at the EU, international and national level; transnational governance beyond the state; and the regulation of novel ‘risky’ technologies such as nano-technology and biotechnology, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture and food. He conducts research in all these fields, both academic fundamental and applied research for clients including EU, national and regional government bodies, civil society organizations and environmental NGOs. He has served as expert advisor to various EU and national government bodies, mainly on biotechnology regulation questions, and runs an independent legal consultancy specializing in environmental law and biotechnology governance.

Thijs is Editor-in-Chief of the law journal Transnational Environmental Law (TEL), published by Cambridge University Press. Until 2010, he was Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook of European Environmental Law (YEEL), at Oxford University Press.

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