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Hilla Dayan is a political sociologist and lecturer at Amsterdam University College, teaching Global Politics, The Middle East Today, Comparative Democracy and Sociology of the Other. Her research is in the fields of political sociology, political theory and theory of democracy. She wrote her PhD at the New School for Social Research New York on Israel’s regime of separation.

Hilla Dayan AUC faculty

Her current research includes the transformation of Zionism into Neozionism, the discourse on Antisemitism in Europe and Europe-Israel relations, Mizrahi heritage and memory politics as well as surveillance and the global authoritarian turn, diversity work and the study of first-generations in academia. Dayan is a regular contributor and commentator on Israel-Palestine and the Mizrahi struggle, and is co-founder of gate48, platform for critical Israelis in the Netherlands, and Academia for Equality, a membership organization for the democratization of Israeli academia and society.