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Pedram Dibazar is a faculty member Humanities at AUC, a lecturer since September 2015 and tutor since November 2016
Pedram Dibazar

Pedram is the coordinator of the Humanities 100-level theme course Introduction to Cities and Cultures, and he also teaches the interdisciplinary courses Digital Anthropology and Culture Lab. Among his other activities at AUC are supervising capstones and organising undergraduate research projects (On visibility, 2019-2021). Pedram holds a PhD in Media and Cultural Studies from the University of Amsterdam (2016), and a post-graduate diploma in Design-based Research in Architecture and Urbanism from the Berlage Institute (2010).

Pedram conducts research at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA). His research is interdisciplinary and integrates urban studies, cultural studies, media studies, architecture and visual culture. Pedram is the author of Visual and Urban Culture in Contemporary Iran: Non-visibility and the Politics of Everyday Presence (Bloomsbury, 2021) and the co-editor of Visualizing the Street: New Practices of Documenting, Navigating and Imagining the City (Amsterdam University Press, 2019).