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Shannon McBriar teaches Modernism and Postmodernism in Theory and Fiction, Introduction to Poetry and Narrative, and Literature and Science at AUC. In addition, she coordinates the first year academic writing course and co-coordinates the third-year theme course, Rethinking the Sublime. Having studied English literature at Boston College (1996), she completed both her MPhil (1998) and DPhil (2006) at Oxford University, where she taught late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century literature. While at Oxford, she was a research associate at Oxford University Press and contributor to the "Oxford Dictionary of National Biography." During her doctoral studies, she was granted an Andrew Oliver Fellowship by the Massachusetts Historical Society for research relating to nineteenth-century Anglo-American literature, aesthetics and art criticism.

McBriar, Shannon

In addition to teaching, her research includes an interdisciplinary collaboration on “mind wandering” at The Hub, the Wellcome Collection, London. As part of this project, she has presented papers on mind wandering at a number of academic conferences and participated in related public engagement events such as “Mind Wandering: Good for the Mind?”, part of the Rest and its Discontents series held at the Mile End Art Pavilion, London.  She is also an active participant in the Neuroaesthetics and Neurocultures Reading Group at ASCA, University of Amsterdam.