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AUC lecturers Dora Achourioti and Angelika Port have recently been awarded a UvA Grassroots subsidy for their project 'Rethinking Digital Testing for Science'

Digital testing as part of students' learning process

The idea for this project came about as the result of the various challenges that the AUC logic teaching team was encountering in relation to digital testing after courses went completely online last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. Even if many of these challenges will be resolved once on-campus education activities can resume (e.g. no more online proctoring), lecturers Dora Achourioti and Angelika Port believe that the crisis also brought to light important weaknesses in methods of assessment when such exams involve exercises that typically admit unique answers. They plan to use this UvA Grassroots subsidy to create modes of assessment and digital testing that move away from big summative tests and transition to small-scale and more personalised testing.

Grassroots projects at the UvA

Grassroots projects are small-scale, accessible ICT projects from which the results can immediately be implemented in education. Grassroots are a great example of introducing and testing new techniques in education. Each year, there is a call put out for new projects and ideas for which students and lecturers at the University of Amsterdam can apply for funding to develop their ideas and implement them into their coursework or research. You can read more about Grassroots subsidies and the resulting projects via the link below.