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From 2 to 4 January, six AUC students participated in the 22nd edition of the International Interdisciplinary Seminar that took place at the University of Oxford and in the Netherhall House in London.

The group consisting of Miranda Faul, Karla M. Rojas, Iris Schuring and Johanna Terpstra gave a presentation titled “Quantum Mechanics: Getting to know the basics”. Another group consisting of Iris Delnoij and Hsiu-Min Wu presented “The Multiverse versus the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics”. The students participated in the conference as part of Dr. Sebastian De Haro’s Educational Development Initiative and it was made possible by the support of the AUC Student Research Travel Fund. 

Oxford and quantum computers

The first day of the seminar took place at the University of Oxford. The students had the unique opportunity of visiting the Clarendon Laboratory under the guidance of Dr. Andrew Steane, who led the team that built one of the first quantum computers.

The rest of this session focused on discussing what science is in light of recent results of quantum physics, the limitations of the scientific method, and the quest for knowledge and truth. The concluding remarks were given by Ilyas Khan, the CEO of Cambridge Quantum Computing and Inaugural Chairman of the Stephen Hawking Foundation.

London and interdisciplinarity

For the second and third days, academics from a wide range of disciplines gave presentations at the Netherhall House in London. Topics on probability, quantum mechanics, machine learning, evolution, philosophy and law were discussed.

AUC students also participated by leading two sessions on quantum physics. All the lectures were linked by the seminar’s common topic: “Science and the Quest for Truth”. Finally, Antoine Suarez from ISS, Zürich and Geneva closed out the conference.