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AUC lecturer and tutor Dr. Bart Verheggen has been an active participant in the public debate about climate change for over a decade. His first book on the topic, written in Dutch and published by Prometheus, is available from 22 January.

Explaining climate change 

Through his blog and social media accounts, Verheggen has been debunking myths and clarifying information surrounding climate change by providing sound, scientific evidence in order to increase public awareness regarding the causes and consequences of climate change. 

His new book is entitled ‘Wat iedereen zou moeten weten over klimaatverandering’ (‘What everyone should know about climate change’) and has been strongly influenced by his teaching in various climate change-related courses at AUC.

With the help of his fellow climate bloggers, he explains how and why the earth’s climate is changing, what risks that entails and how we can mitigate those risks. An accompanying website provides a brief synopsis of the book as well as the full list of references and related blogposts that he references.

Looking toward the bigger picture

The book is more generally meant as a layperson’s guide to the climate debate. A lot of people may be confused because of the prevalence of conflicting information about this topic that circulates via the internet. Frequently heard questions and misconceptions are intertwined in a narrative that is increasingly hard to untangle.

Verheggen, not content with merely stating isolated facts, also explains in the book how we know what we know and what it means for the bigger picture.

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