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From 16 - 17 November 2019, the second Dutch Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) took place in the AUC building. Organised jointly by a group of motivated AUC students and students from other universities in the Netherlands, the conference saw nearly 150 participants take part in 27 workshops and lectures addressing various aspects of climate change, ranging from radical activism to addressing the yearly scientific IPCC report.


LCOY and the United Nations

The LCOY is strongly affiliated to YOUNGO, the official youth-constituency to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Together with other Local Conferences of Youth from around the world, the Netherlands is building a strong network to create common outputs to be used at the yearly Conference of Parties, which will happen in Madrid later this year.

Networking and creating connections

As part of the conference programme, the group also organised various social activities that took place throughout the weekend. There was a station to print eco-friendly LCOY shirts using potatoes, a documentary screening in the café of sports centre Oerknal and three delicious sustainable meals catered by Maslow. Within the conference, the organisers ensured that there was ample opportunity for participants to network, exchange and empower each other through plenary brainstorm sessions and creative workshops.

Climate change from an interdisciplinary perspective

During the extended weekend event, the various sessions discussed how the pressing issues of climate change are impacting multiple facets of society and daily life. The weekend was structured in two distinct parts: Saturday’s sessions provided knowledge and tools about various subjects, while Sunday’s sessions allowed participants to use these tools to create their own projects and ideas. By allowing a wide amount of freedom for participants, several projects blossomed from the conference. One group is planning to #RailtotheCOP after it was moved from Chile to Spain, another group is creating an initiative to Adopt a Member of the EU, while others have created RePeat, a project aiming to bring awareness to peatlands.

More information on LCOY the Netherlands

To get in touch with the organisers or receive more information about the conference and its programme, please visit the LCOY the Netherlands website below or send an email to