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As a part of its outreach efforts, AUC has been involved in and has initiated various projects to encourage excellence at secondary schools.

Last Monday, AUC welcomed 25 students from the Hyperion Lyceum and the Comenius Lyceum who attended a masterclass on “Middle-East today”. The masterclass was a huge success and was only one example of how AUC encourages excellence in its partner schools.

Another example of AUC stimulating excellence at secondary schools concerns the Think Tank on Excellence in Secondary Education, which was chaired by AUC Dean with participants from AUC's partners school, alumni and corporate partners. The Think Tank drafted a report which was presented to Deputy Minister Sander Dekker by Marijk van der Wende (AUC Dean) and Koen van Bemmelen (AUC alumni, class of 2013) on 11 November 2013. It contains recommendations on how to challenge and stimulate students in secondary education with excellent academic results.

Marijk van der Wende and Koen van Bemmelen presenting a report of the Think Tank on Excellence in Secondary Education to Deputy Minister Sander Dekker.

In the December issue of Siriuskrant you can read a joint interview with Marijk van der Wende and Ilja Klink, a rector of Hyperion Lyceu, on their advice to Sander Dekker. Among others, Marijk and Ilja agreed on the following:

“Aim high and challenge all students to engage and adopt a broad definition of excellence to encourage a combined development of cognitive, intellectual, technical, creative, artistic, and sportive talents.”

Marijk van der Wende and Ilja Klink interviewed by Siriuskrant