Rent benefit (huurtoeslag)

Rent benefit (huurtoeslag) is paid by the Dutch Tax Office and is intended to help people with low incomes to pay for their rented accommodation.

The units in the AUC student residences have been designed to be independent households and therefore eligible for rent benefit.

Both Dutch and international students can apply for rent benefit.

To get rent benefit you must be registered at the municipality (Gemeentelijke Basis Administratie), and non-Dutch students must also have successfully completed registration or residence permit procedures with the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service.

Please note that as the rules around rent benefit are subject to change, neither AUC nor DUWO can guarantee that you will receive rent benefit.


Many units in the residences are for one person, but there are also many that are shared by two or more students (two- and three-room apartments, large studio apartments). If you live in one of these shared units, you will not be eligible for rent benefit, but your rent is lower, meaning the final cost will be quite similar.

Published by  Amsterdam University College

15 January 2019