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Practical matters and resources

Tips and information for accepted students

Accepted students can find an overview of some essential documents and where you can find need-to-know practical information to help you get started as a student at Amsterdam University College.

AUC Admissions Office Hours on Zoom

General practicalities 

  • Finalising your enrolment in Studielink
  • Submit official transcripts, diplomas, test results and documents by 1 July

    All offers made by AUC are conditional until we receive your official final secondary school diploma(s), transcripts and test results/final exam scores (if applicable). Please be sure our Admissions Office receives these by 1 July. If you already know that there will be a substantial delay in receiving these documents (i.e. you won't receive them by the end of August), please contact our Admissions Office.

  • Submitting your course preferences for your first semester

    During the late spring/early summer (usually in June), you will receive an email from the AUC Registrar's team requesting you to submit your course preferences for the 16-week period of the first semester. Each semester at AUC is 20 weeks long and divided into a 16-week period (September to December; February to May) and a 4-week period (January; June).

    16-week period courses [x4]

    In the future, you will register yourself for your courses after consulting with your tutor and you will be responsible for ensuring your desired course schedule does not contain any timetable clashes. However, for the first 16-week period (meaning your first four courses), AUC will collect your preferences and create a course schedule for you. In the future you will also be able to request changes to your course schedule during the Add/Drop period at the start of the semester, but not for this first time.

    First semester four-week period (January) course [x1]

    Language course or The Global Identity Experience
    In the 4-week period of your first semester (January), you will either take a language course or "The Global Identity Experience" course. This will be decided after you arrive at AUC. If you take a language course in the 4-week period of your first semester, then you will take "The Global Identity Experience" in the 4-week period of your second semester (June), or vice versa.

    About languages
    You will take two courses in the same language during your time at AUC, starting with a course in your first year (in either January or June). You are expected to choose a language that is completely new to you or in which you are still a beginner. You are not committed to the language preference you will submit during the summer and you will make your final decision only after you arrive at AUC. This is only meant as an indication for planning purposes.

  • Housing information and room selection

    Webinar on housing: 24 May from 16.00-17.00

    There will be a webinar for incoming students on Tuesday 24 May from 16.00 to 17.00 to discuss the housing selection procedure and what to expect when moving in. The details for this webinar will be sent to you by email.

    Room selection in June

    Incoming students who have accepted their offer by May will be able to select their room in June. Below you can find timelines of when incoming students can expect to select their room based on when they applied (early bird [1 December deadline] or regular [1 February deadline]).

    Room selection will take place using an online portal called ‘’. Students will automatically receive an invitation by email to activate their account in the portal, and once their account is complete, there will be time to view the details of all available rooms before the room selection begins.

    Room selection starts at 12.00 (noon, CEST) for the given periods and rooms will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Depending on when you applied, you will be assigned a date on which you can make your selection from the available rooms in the AUC residences. You can find these dates below.

    Early-bird applicants 

    • 3 June: All early birds are uploaded to and will receive a confirmation email before 17.00. If you don’t receive an email by 17.00, please contact
    • 3-7 June: Activate your account and view details of available rooms
    • 8 June at 12.00 noon (CEST) - 10 June at 12.00 noon (CEST): Log in and select a room 
    • 1 July: Deadline to sign your housing contract and pay the first month's rent (for August 2022) as a deposit

    Regular applicants 

    • 10 June: All regular applicants are uploaded to and will receive a confirmation email before 17.00. If you don’t receive an email by 17.00, please contact
    • 10-13 June: Activate your account and view details of available rooms
    • 13 June 12.00 noon (CEST) - 17 June 12.00 (CEST): Log in and select a room
    • 1 July: Deadline to sign your housing contract and pay the first month's rent (for August 2022) as a deposit

    Please note: all housing contracts which are not signed by the given deadline (1 July 2022) will be cancelled and the reserved room will be allocated to another student. Please keep in mind that this is a very important deadline!

    Unfortunately, not all students will be able to immediately select their first choice of room. However, all students are allowed to change rooms at the end of their first year if they wish to do so. 


    Your contract with DUWO will begin on 1 August 2022. Once you have signed your contract and paid your deposit, DUWO will arrange several dates and times where you can pick up your keys. If necessary, it's also possible to pick up your keys on an alternative date or time by making an individual appointment with DUWO. We recommend that all students move in at least a few weeks before the start of the Introduction Week (29 August - 2 September 2022) in order to have ample time to buy furniture and focus on getting settled.

    • Earliest date to pick up keys: Monday 1 August

    Furnished and unfurnished rooms

    While there are a limited amount of furnished rooms available, the majority will be unfurnished (meaning the room is empty upon arrival and you’ll need to purchase all furniture and appliances). It is indicated in the selection system whether a room is delivered furnished or unfurnished.

    Furnished shared rooms
    If you select one of the fully furnished shared rooms, there will be a single bed, a wardrobe, armchair, desk, chair and basic kitchen appliances (fridge, hot plates) for both you and your roommate. Each room will also include two basic kitchenware kits and for each roommate a set of sheets, pillow and bedding. Please keep in mind that if you select a furnished room, you will need to move to another room in the student residences at the end of your first year as this room type is meant for short-stay occupancy  (maximum of 1 year).

    Unfurnished rooms
    If you select an unfurnished room (whether 2- or 4-person shared, or a single room) you will have to arrange furniture and appliances for your room upon arrival. You may be offered to get in touch with the tenant who is leaving the room to discuss which (if any) items you may want to keep or purchase. However, this is not the case for each room, and you may need to find furniture and your kitchen appliances elsewhere. There are also student Facebook groups and furniture sales that take place during the summer with items from current AUC students who are moving out. You will receive more information about these via our social media channels.

    Living off-campus is not possible

    Please keep in mind that it is not possible to live off-campus during the first three years of your degree, as living together with your fellow students is considered an intrinsic part of the AUC experience. In some extreme circumstances, such as a severe housing shortage, AUC might ask students to volunteer to live off-campus. This request would be shared with all students through the official AUC student newsletter. No individual requests to live off-campus are taken into consideration as rooms are reserved for each student for the entire three years of guaranteed housing. 

  • Review essential AUC documents and manuals

    There are a few key documents that you need to know and be aware of while studying at AUC. Ranging from helpful hints to important academic procedures and protocols, you can read and review these documents below. 

    1. Academic Standards and Procedures
    2. Student Handbook
    3. Academic and Social Codes of Conduct
    4. Board of Examiners Rules and Guidelines

    The Academic Standards and Procedures contains a complete explanation of the academic programme, including grading, requirements for graduating, attendance policies and more. While your academic tutor can assist you, it is your responsibility to read and understand the information in this document. The Student Handbook will answer many of your questions for being a student at AUC and contains an overview of the resources available to you, while the Academic and Social Codes of Conduct includes information on what we expect from you as a member of the AUC community. The Board of Examiners Rules and Guidelines highlights the role of the Board of Examiners in upholding and interpreting the Academic Standards and Procedures. 

  • Making requests using the digital AUC Service Desk

    Do you have a specific question not answered on the website or in the information you've received? For all such requests, you can open a "call" in the digital AUC Service Desk. This will allow you to send us your question directly and our professional staff will work to resolve your issue.

    These various departments include, but are not limited to:

    • Registrar's Office 
    • Admissions & Housing
    • Services & Communications
    • Board of Examiners
    • AUC Scholarship Fund 
    • Community Projects and Internships
    • International Office (Studying Abroad)
    • SIS and Canvas support 
    • (Class)room reservations

    Please allow for up to four (4) working days for us to answer your question. After opening a "call", you will receive a confirmation email and "call" number. Please record your number for future reference so that you avoid opening multiple cases on the same topic which could delay your response time.

    Requesting documents, statements, official transcripts or actions

    Through the digital AUC Service Desk you may also request several important official documents that may be scanned and emailed to you or can be picked up from AUC's reception desk. You may also ask for specific actions from the Registrar's team such as a course addition, or dropping a course, or even signaling to our team that you wish to terminate your enrolment completely.

    Documents that can be requested digitally:

    • Official transcript (list of grades)
    • Statement to confirm your proficiency in English (being enrolled in an English-taught programme)
    • Proof of enrolment 
    • Statement of (expected) graduation


    • Course additions (first consult with tutor)
    • Course load reductions (first consult with tutor)
    • Scholarship renewal
    • Informing AUC of the withdrawal/termination of your enrolment as a student 

    If you're unsure about where to submit your request, you can always send an email to

International students

  • Visas, permits and immigration issues

    As an international student who is not a Dutch national, all visas, permits and other issues involving immigration will be handled by the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Although you will officially be enrolled as a student at both the University of Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam, most of your administration (and the payment of your tuition fees) will be handled by the University of Amsterdam. 

    During the summer, you will receive more information by email from both our Admissions Office and the UvA International Office. The UvA annually welcomes thousands of international students and has support systems, specialists and years of experience in helping international students to get settled in the Netherlands. 

    As an international student at AUC, you will receive information about your courses, enrolment, housing and academic matters (such as the Introduction Week) directly from us. Information regarding issues related to migration, visas, residence permits and more practical matters for international students such as insurance will be communicated to you directly by the University of Amsterdam. You can find more information on visas and residence permits by following the link below.

  • Insurance for international students

    All international students are required by law to have appropriate health insurance for the duration of their stay in the Netherlands. Students are also advised to take out an appropriate general third-party insurance (liability insurance). Please note that liability insurance is mandatory for non-EEA/EU students requesting a residence permit through the UvA (which also means international AUC students without Dutch nationality).

    We encourage you to check carefully before you come to the Netherlands as to whether your insurance will cover the complete period of your stay abroad and what type of coverage it consists of.

    You can find more information about the various types of insurance, how to take out a policy and other practical issues (such as working during your studies) as they relate to insurance in the Netherlands as an international student via the link below.

  • International Student Network (ISN) and ISN Introduction Week

    As an international student, you may be invited to join the International Student Network (ISN). ISN Amsterdam is a student-run organisation dedicated to helping international students studying at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) make the most of their time in the Netherlands. ISN is part of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), which is a larger organisation with 524 branches in 39 countries. They typically organise social activities for international students to get to know one another.

    While you are welcome to join the network and participate in their activities throughout the year, we must emphasise that the ISN Introduction Week takes place on the same dates as AUC's own Introduction Week and attendance for the AUC Introduction Week activities is mandatory. Please note that the AUC Introduction Week and the ISN Introduction Week are completely separate and not organised in coordination with each other. 

Dutch students

  • Registration with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam)

    AUC is a joint initiative of VU Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam (UvA) meaning that as an AUC student, you will be a student at both the VU and UvA. However, some administrative procedures, such as finalising your enrolment in Studielink and payment of tuition fees, are handled by one institute or the other. You will be informed by the AUC Admissions Office whether to complete your enrolment in Studielink at either the VU or UvA.

    For nearly all students with Dutch nationality at AUC, these enrolment and administrative procedures are handled by the VU.

    This means that during the AUC Introduction Week, there may be a slight delay in receiving your UvA student ID number and log-in (which will allow you to open your AUC student email address, request a student ID card and access the digital learning environment Canvas), but rest assured that you will receive this information in time for the start of classes.