ASF application form: September 2019

Before starting to complete this form, make sure you have all information and documents ready. See

1 Personal details
The date is not in the correct format.
2 Declaration

Read carefully before continuing with your application

I declare that all information I will provide on this form and all the information in my application for a scholarship as well as any accompanying documents will be truthful, complete and correct. I understand that I may be denied admission to Amsterdam University College and/or financial support from the AUC Scholarship Fund if any information is found to be incomplete or inaccurate.

3 Letter of motivation

For information on what to put in your letter, see

4 Financial details

You have to send us information on your financial situation, to prove your financial need. This information is kept strictly confidential. Some information is required from all applicants. Some is different depending on whether you are Dutch and/or receiving Dutch student finance (studiefinanciering), or not. For more details see

If your local currency is not euro, please convert total annual income to euro and give here.

If you are Dutch AND/OR will be receiving student finance from the Dutch government, please select "Dutch". If you are not Dutch and will not be receiving student finance from the Dutch government, please select "Not Dutch".

If you answered "Dutch" above, upload the document showing you will get the maximum additional grant from DUO. If you answered "Not Dutch", upload the income tax statements of your parent(s) etc. here. For more details check