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The Amsterdam University College (AUC) Undergraduate Journal of Liberal Arts and Sciences is a biannual publication showcasing the outstanding academic work of the AUC student body.

Written, edited & published by students of InPrint

The student-run editorial board of InPrint aims to demonstrate the strength of undergraduate scholarship at AUC, reflect the intellectual diversity of its academic programme, and encourage best practices in research and writing. Their mission is to facilitate collaboration between students and faculty across the curriculum and to provide students with opportunities to gain experience in academic reviewing, editing and publishing.

Two issues per year

Each year, InPrint publishes two issues: the Capstone Issue (selected from third-year theses) and the Open Issue (open to all students’ academic writing). InPrint selects, edits and publishes these two issues bi-annually.

Capstone issue
InPrint publishes the Capstone Issue at the end of the first semester, in which they showcase excellent Bachelor’s theses in the sciences, social sciences and humanities. Each Capstone goes through an anonymised, grade-independent and peer-reviewed selection process.

Open issue
They release the Open Issue in May where all students are encouraged to submit any of their written coursework. These articles are usually shorter and display the creativity in academic work that is produced throughout the year at AUC.

Contact InPrint

You can learn more about InPrint and get in touch with them by visiting their website, sending an email or via one of their social media channels. 

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