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Sciences, list of faculty

Results: 41 - 59 of 59
Results: 41 - 59 of 59
  • Ran, André
    Ran, André (Prof. Dr.)
    1 Sep 2012
    André Ran teaches Calculus and Linear Algebra II at AUC. He studied mathematics at VU University Amsterdam, and did a PhD there as well. Afterwards he spent a year in the United States and Canada as a postdoc, before ...
  • Rink, Bob
    Rink, Bob (Dr.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Bob Rink teaches Calculus and Dynamical Systems at AUC. He is Assistant Professor in Mathematical Analysis at VU University Amsterdam. He obtained his PhD in Mathematics from Utrecht University and has since then ...
  • Rooij, Steven de, Amsterdam University College, AUC, lecturer
    Rooij, Steven de (Dr.)
    16 Feb 2018
    Steven de Rooij studied Theoretical Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam. He wrote his dissertation on the "Minimum Description Length principle" at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), under the ...
  • Dee Roytenberg Amsterdam University College,AUC Dee Roytenberg,Amsterdam University College Faculty Sciences,AUC Sciences Dee Roytenberg
    Roytenberg, Dee (Dr.)
    21 Aug 2017
    Dee Roytenberg teaches Partial Differential Equations, Calculus, Linear algebra and Basic Research Methods and Statistics (BRMS) at AUC.
  • Schaar, Jan-Pieter
    Schaar, Jan Pieter (Dr.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Dr. Jan Pieter van der Schaar teaches in the theme course Introduction to Life, Evolution, Universe. He is an associate professor in theoretical physics at the University of Amsterdam and coordinator of the ...
  • Guido Schafer AUC,Guido Schaefer Amsterdam University College staff
    Schaefer, Guido (Prof. Dr.)
    6 Mar 2015
    Prof. Dr. Guido Schaefer pursued his PhD studies at the Max-Planck-Institute for Informatics in Saarbrücken, Germany, and obtained his PhD in 2004. After that he was a postdoc at the Sapienza University of Rome and a ...
  • Mingmin Shen
    Shen, Mingmin (Dr.)
    18 Aug 2014
    Mingmin Shen teaches vector calculus. After finishing his undergraduate degree (BSc) at University of Science and Technology of China, he went to Columbia University for his graduate studies in 2005. In 2010, he ...
  • Syurina, Elena, Amsterdam University College
    Syurina, Elena (Dr.)
    13 Feb 2018
    Dr. Elena V. Syurina teaches International Public Health at AUC. She currently works as an Assistant Professor in Global Mental Health at VU Amsterdam. She studied Public Administration and additionally has a ...
  • Thijs Abel,Amsterdam University College Lecturer,AUC staff
    Thijs, Abel (Dr.)
    2 Mar 2016
    Abel Thijs teaches the course Cardiovascular Diseases at AUC. He graduated in Medicine in 1992 at Erasmus Medical Centre (formerly known as Erasmus University Rotterdam). In 1999 he became a medical specialist in ...
  • Jolanda van der Velden Amsterdam university College,AUC faculty Jolanda van der Velden
    Velden, Jolanda van der (Prof. dr.)
    10 Aug 2015
    Jolanda van der Velden (Prof. dr.) coordinates and teaches the course Human Body I at AUC. She is Professor of Physiology at the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam. Since 2014 she is Chair of the Department of ...
  • Verheggen, Bart
    Verheggen, Bart (Dr. Ir.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Bart Verheggen teaches System Earth, Atmospheric Chemistry and the third year theme course Energy, Climate and Sustainability.
  • Vervaeke, Hylke
    Vervaeke, Hylke (Dr.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Hylke Vervaeke teaches the courses 'Brain & Mind' and 'Brain & Behavior' at AUC and is a lecturer of Neuroscience at the VU University Amsterdam, Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam.Hylke obtained her MSc in Biomedical ...
  • Voorn, Pieter (Dr.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Dr. Pieter Voorn teaches Neurosciences. His research interest is the relationship between neuroanatomy and function of the cortex-basal ganglia system: its “functional neuroanatomy”. Because the basal ganglia receive ...
  • Vries, Taco de
    Vries, Taco de (Prof. Dr.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Taco de Vries teaches Addiction at the AUC. He graduated in Biology at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, and continued his studies at the VU University to obtain a PhD in Neurosciences. He subsequently moved to the ...
  • Amsterdam university College staff,teun de vries auc,teun de vries,amsterdam university college
    Vries, Teun de (Dr.)
    24 Aug 2015
    Teun de Vries teaches Molecular Cell Biology during the first semester and Cell Biology and Physiology Lab during the summer semester. He received training as a cell biologist at Wageningen University. His Ph.D. ...
  • Waterloo, Maarten J,AUC faculty,Science faculty Amsterdam University College
    Waterloo, Maarten J. (Dr.)
    29 Feb 2016
    Dr. Maarten J. Waterloo teaches hydrology in the Hydrology and Watershed Management course at AUC. He has a background in earth sciences and has over 30 years of experience in hydrological research in the tropics and ...
  • Wezel, Jasper van
    Wezel, Jasper van (Dr.)
    27 Feb 2015
    Jasper van Wezel teaches condensed matter physics at AUC. He studied in Leiden, where he received his PhD in theoretical condensed matter physics in 2007. After that, he held individual fellowship positions at the ...
  • Rinke Wijngaarden Amsterdam University College,AUC Rinke Wijngaarden,AUC Sciences Faculty,Amsterdam University College Sciences Rinke Wijngaarden
    Wijngaarden, Rinke (Dr.)
    21 Aug 2017
    Dr. Rinke J. Wijngaarden teaches Thermodynamics at AUC. He obtained his PhD in physics at the University of Amsterdam on the properties of solid hydrogen at pressures up to 600 000 bar. Subsequently, he worked for ...
  • Zonnveveld, Cor
    Zonneveld, Cor (Dr.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Cor Zonneveld teaches Introduction to Biology, Ecology from Soil to Society, Basic Research Methods and Statistics I, the life science part of Big Questions in Science, and the evolution part of the theme course ...