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Humanities, list of faculty

Results: 21 - 29 of 29
Results: 21 - 29 of 29
  • Paramita, Paul
    Paul, Paramita (Dr.)
    8 Jan 2019
    Paramita Paul teaches Art in China, Introduction to Visual Methodologies, and Global Modern and Contemporary Art at AUC. She studied Sinology and has specialised in Chinese art history at Leiden University (MA cum ...
  • Regt, Henk de
    Regt, Henk de (Dr.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Dr. Henk de Regt teaches Philosophy of Science at AUC. He is Associate Professor in philosophy of science at the Faculty of Philosophy of VU University Amsterdam. He holds an M.Sc. degree in physics and a Ph.D. ...
  • Solar, Erinc
    Salor, Erinç (Dr.)
    31 Aug 2015
    Dr. Erinç Salor teaches Introduction to Cities and Cultures (with Pedram Dibazar), Media and Communication (with Dr. Alexandra Brown), New Media Literacies, Perspectives on Games and Game Studies at AUC. His doctoral ...
  • Schoenberger, Janna update
    Schoenberger, Janna (Dr.)
    16 Jun 2020
    Janna Schoenberger has taught Periods and Genres: Modern, Introduction to Visual Methodologies, The Photograph as Socio-Political Document, and Global Modern and Contemporary Art at AUC.
  • Schraven, Minou
    Schraven, Minou (Dr.)
    19 Aug 2020
    Dr. Minou Schraven teaches art history and museum studies at AUC and is a research fellow at the Amsterdam Centre for Religious History, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
  • Asja Szafraniec AUC faculty,Asja Szafraniec Amsterdam University College,Asja Szafraniec faculty humanities Amsterdam University College
    Szafraniec, Asja (Dr.)
    4 Sep 2015
    Asja Szafraniec teaches Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory at AUC. She studied English at Warsaw University and Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. She holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University ...
  • Tervoort, Ad (Dr.)
    12 Feb 2014
    Ad Tervoort (1968) attended Petrus Canisius College in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, after which he studied History at the VU University Amsterdam. He graduated cum laude in Medieval and Early Modern History in 1992. ...
  • Waard, Marco de (Dr.)
    13 May 2020
    Marco de Waard teaches literary studies and cultural analysis at AUC. Among his courses are: Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory, Cultural Memory Studies, Author in Context: George Orwell, and History of ...
  • Mariette Willemsen,Amsterdam University College,AUC Faculty
    Willemsen, Mariëtte (Dr.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Dr. Mariëtte Willemsen is AUC's Head of Studies Humanities. Dr. Willemsen received her PhD in Philosophy and an MA in Dutch Linguistics and Literature from VU Amsterdam. Before joining AUC she was Associate Professor ...