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For the summer of 2018, four AUC students have been accepted to the Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School (NAHSS). AUC students Leon Lan, Femke Jansen, Jetske Ong and Peter-Jan Derks will participate in various projects in Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei and Chengdu, and will take part in collective summer schools at connected partner universities. During the programme, students will be immersed in a mix of academics, business and cultural aspects of Asia. Below you can find out more about the participants and which projects they’ll be participating in!

Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School,Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School Amsterdam University College,AUC international

NAHSS focus on project-based experience

The NAHSS was founded in 2012 as a platform to give some of the best and brightest Dutch bachelor's students a chance to immerse themselves in the cultures, businesses and academics of diverse Asian regions. Although beginning with an initial group of just 30 students, the success of the programme has propelled NAHSS to include around 100 participants from 13 major Dutch research universities each year. During the programme, students partake in a project that includes an academic, business and cultural component. This mix allows students to better understand not only the specific issues that the projects face, but also the wider cultural context in which solutions need to be developed. 

After conducting their studies and completing their field work within their assigned organisation, the students will return to the Netherlands to present their findings and the results of the projects to a variety of partners and stakeholders involved with NAHSS.

Leon Lan, Netherlands Asia Honour Summer Society,Amsterdam University College

Leon Lan

My name is Leon Lan and I am a third year Science student specialising in applied mathematics. Given my Chinese heritage, the NAHSS programme has allowed me to develop myself as a bridge-builder between the Netherlands and China. This summer I will be heading to Chengdu to study Chinese Language and Culture at Sichuan University, and I will work on a project to investigate the implementation of the Open Talent Economy within the Unilever company. I am looking forward to a fantastic summer with amazing food, people and experiences!

Peter-Jan Derks, Amsterdam University College, Netherlands Asia Honour Summer School

Peter-Jan Derks

My name is Peter-Jan, I’m Dutch and 21 years old. Growing up in China, I developed an appreciation for Chinese culture and language and I’m very excited to travel to Hong Kong this summer. I realised the NAHSS is the perfect way for me to spend my summer because it is a combination of an academic, business and cultural programmes. I will work on a project for ABN AMRO and I will follow business courses at Chinese University of Hong Kong. Gan bei!

Jetske Ong,Netherlands Asia Honour Summer School

Jetske Ong

Jetske Ong is a third-year student majoring in the Sciences (health and programming) and a minor in Social Sciences (economics). She applied for the NAHSS because she has roots in both the Netherlands and Asia, and was attracted to help in strengthening their relationship. Additionally, she was interested in studying in Asia and exploring her opportunities for a career there. This summer, she will be studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and will work on a project on treasury management platforms for ING. Furthermore, as she was very enthusiastic about the NAHSS, she also applied to be part of the NAHSS programme board for 2019. Excitingly, she and three other NAHSS participants have been chosen to spend a full year to organising the NAHSS. Besides organising, she will also be participating in trainings from McKinsey & Company, PwC and Utrecht University.

Femke Jansen,Netherlands Asia Honour Summer School

Femke Jansen

My name is Femke Jansen, and I am a second-year AUC student. I am a Sciences major focusing on the health track. In my spare time, I am an Extensus board member and I also assisted in PR for the board of AUCMUN 2018. In my actual spare time, I love travelling, among other things. When I was fourteen, I had the chance to go to Beijing and ever since China has fascinated me. I could not wait to go back. Four years later, I heard about the NAHSS from several Extensus members who were NAHSS-alumni and the summer school grasped my attention immediately. So I thought; “why not apply and see what happens?”