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Dr. Rachel Spronk will deliver this lecture as part of "The Emotional Turn in Contemporary Public and Academic Debates' series taking place at AUC.

Event details of [Online] Decolonizing sexuality, disrupting epistemologies, shattering the subject by Dr. Rachel Spronk
20 October 2020
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10:45 -12:15
Rachel Spronk
Rachel Spronk
Abstract: If decolonising sexuality means a fundamental disruption of our theoretical repertoire, it implies that we have to question something that carries immense intellectual and emotional significance for many of us: the possible unfavourable effects of the human rights discourse. We all recognise the global fight against homophobia and for social justice regarding sexual diversity and how solidarity and recognition are important vectors to work towards an equal world. Yet, we must also come to terms with the fact that the production of knowledge about sexuality in/on African societies is embedded in asymmetrical relations of power on a global scale, and that there may be particular ethnocentric tendencies in our research agendas. In this lecture, I will tackle the intellectual and emotional dilemmas in which the work of decolonizing sexuality in the spirit of lgbt+ emancipation is steeped.

Dr. Rachel Spronk is Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. She works at the intersection of three scholarly fields - anthropology, gender and sexuality studies, and African studies. In her work, she combines the ethnographic study of practices and self-perceptions with the task of rethinking our theoretical repertoires.

Zoom link: Access the lecture.
Meeting ID: 974 4175 1179
Zoom password: emotionauc
Convenor:  Dr. Maxim Kupovykh