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The application form for ASF Scholarships starting in September 2025 will open in October 2024. Read more on how to prepare your application, what you'll need to submit with your application and how to access the application form.

Please note that the deadline to submit an an application for an ASF Scholarship starting in September 2024 has passed (1 April 2024). 

Do not wait to hear if you have been admitted to AUC before applying and please do not miss the deadline, as late applications for a scholarship cannot be accepted.

1. Prepare your application

Before filling in the form, make sure you have carefully read all the information on:

You can then start preparing your letter of motivation for the scholarship (in digital format, ready to upload) and the required information on your family‚Äôs financial situation to prove your financial need. Paper documents will need to be converted to digital format (scanned) and ready to upload. This information will be kept strictly confidential. You can find detailed explanations of the formats and what needs to be included in the fold-outs below.  

2. Write your letter of motivation & gather your financial details
  • Letter of motivation


    • Maximum 2 sides of A4, written in English.
    • Make sure it has your full name at the top.
    • It needs to be in digital format (e.g. PDF) ready for uploading with a maximum file size of 2 MB.

    Do not send any appendices or additional documents, they will not be forwarded to the Selection Committee.


    The ASF Selection Committee will only see this letter of motivation and they will not see your AUC admission application, so make sure you include everything in your letter that you want to say to them. This is the most important part of your scholarship application, and you must write it yourself. The Selection Committee will be looking in particular for information on:

    Your merit

    • Your academic ability (your academic merit). Remember, the ASF Selection Committee will not see your AUC admission application, they will only receive information on your average secondary school grade (GPA). If you want to communicate anything more to the Selection Committee about your school results and academic ability, make sure to include this in your letter of motivation. If you feel your average school grade is not representative of your academic ability, for example, you can explain in your letter of motivation why you believe you will perform well at AUC.
    • Your motivation to study liberal arts and sciences at AUC.
    • Your extracurricular accomplishments and activities relevant for AUC (not only your individual accomplishments but also your contributions to the community or society).
    • Your (potential) leadership profile and skills.

    Your financial need

    • The severity of your financial need, and why it is important that you receive a scholarship. If you are from a non-EEA country and asking for a full-ride scholarship, it is particularly important that you explain why you will need a scholarship that can cover all the costs of studying at AUC. Only a very small number of full-ride scholarships can be awarded each year.
  • Financial details

    This information will be kept strictly confidential. Only the total amount of your family income will be revealed to the Selection Committee members, and only to them. They will not see your financial documents, these will be used strictly internally and only to verify the information you have provided. 

    Step 1

    All applicants

    Calculate the total amount in your local currency of all taxable income of your parents/guardians before tax deductions. Include any non-taxable income such as benefits or pensions.

    Step 2

    If you are Dutch and/or will receive or are eligible for Dutch student finance (studiefinanciering):

    • You need to receive or be eligible for the maximum additional grant (maximum aanvullende beurs) from DUO to be eligible for an ASF Scholarship.
    • You need to submit proof of this: either the official statement from DUO or if you do not have that yet, the result of the calculation from the DUO website. (If you are awarded an ASF scholarship, you will have to provide a copy of the official statement from DUO before being able to receive the scholarship.) 
    • Make a digital version of the proof, e.g. a scan, ready for uploading. Max 5 MB.
    • Make sure your name is clearly indicated on all documents. These documents will only be used internally to verify your family income, they will not be sent to the Selection Committee.

    If you are not Dutch and not eligible for Dutch student finance (studiefinancering):

    • If your local currency is not euro, convert the total from Step 1 into euro. You are eligible for an ASF scholarship if the annual family total is below EUR 54000.
    • You must submit proof of this income: the most recent income tax statement(s) for both parents/guardians or 3 recent salary slips indicating gross income. Include records of any other income such as benefits or pensions. 
    • If these documents are not in English or Dutch, provide translations of the relevant parts (it does not have to be a certified translation).
    • Combine the digital versions/scans of all these documents into one file (maximum two) ready for uploading. Max 5 MB per file.
    • If you are over 30, do the calculations and upload the documents for your own income.
    • If you are under 30 but want us to disregard the income of one or both of your parents/guardians because you cannot obtain the above financial documents, upload an explanation and supporting evidence instead. For example, if you have a serious conflict with one or both of your parents/guardians and have no contact with them.
    • Make sure your name is clearly indicated on all documents. These documents will only be used internally to verify your family income, they will not be sent to the Selection Committee.

3. Access the ASF application form 

The ASF application form for September 2024 is closed. The deadline to apply was 1 April 2024. The ASF application form for September 2025 will open in October 2024. Once you've reviewed the information above, and prepared your letter of motivation and financial details, you can submit your application using the form that will become available on this section of the website in October 2024.