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In their third year, all AUC students complete a Capstone project (Bachelor's thesis). This is an individual research project in which students explore a topic of their choice that represents the culmination of their study programme at AUC.

Read the Capstone guidelines

More information about what students need to do to complete their Capstone can be found in the guidelines below.

Conducting independent research

This includes a research project and/or an internship under the guidance of a supervisor. Students write a Bachelor's thesis that consists of a literature study, as well as original research results that may be combined with an internship experience. Students have written on a variety of topics, reflecting the multidisciplinary approach of AUC. 

 As an example, titles of previous capstones include:

  • The Persistence of the Winner's and Loser's Curse in a One-Player Decision Game.

  • The effects of serotonin in the nucleus accumbens shell on glucose metabolism in rats.

  • Curating Public Space: museum practice on Museumplein

  • Which way for humanitarian intervention? The “responsibility to protect” and the Darfur crisis.

  • Christianity and the Dutch Welfare State: the Paradox of Internal Religiosity and External Secularisation.

  • Food Safety regulations in the European Union: A Public Health issue and a key determinant of international trade.

  • Islamic Orthodoxy in the Post-secular Political Landscape

  • Oceanic Container Shipment Using Renewable Power: a Cost Optimization.

  • The 3D reconstruction of the pneumato-enteric recesses.

  • Take your time: the different uses of timing deviations by classical and jazz musicians.

  • Future Directions in Methodological Study Design of Neurofeedback Research.

  • Silence and Subjectivity in Henry James’s The Portrait of a Lady and The Wings of the Dove

  • Future treatment options for non-obstructive azoospermia.

  • The Limits of Friendship in Contemporary Philosophical Debate