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Capstone experience

Bachelor's thesis projects at AUC

In their third year, all AUC students complete a Capstone project (Bachelor's thesis). This is an individual research project in which students explore a topic of their choice that represents the culmination of their personal study programme at AUC.

This includes a research project and/or an internship under the guidance of a supervisor. Students will write a Bachelor's thesis that consists of a literature study, as well as original research results that may be combined with an internship experience.

Students have written on a variety of topics, reflecting the multidisciplinary approach of AUC. 

 As an example, titles of previous capstones include:

  • The Persistence of the Winner's and Loser's Curse in a One-Player Decision Game.

  • The effects of serotonin in the nucleus accumbens shell on glucose metabolism in rats.

  • Curating Public Space: museum practice on Museumplein

  • Which way for humanitarian intervention? The “responsibility to protect” and the Darfur crisis.

  • Christianity and the Dutch Welfare State: the Paradox of Internal Religiosity and External Secularisation.

  • Food Safety regulations in the European Union: A Public Health issue and a key determinant of international trade.

  • Islamic Orthodoxy in the Post-secular Political Landscape

  • Oceanic Container Shipment Using Renewable Power: a Cost Optimization.

  • The 3D reconstruction of the pneumato-enteric recesses.

  • Take your time: the different uses of timing deviations by classical and jazz musicians.

  • Future Directions in Methodological Study Design of Neurofeedback Research.

  • Silence and Subjectivity in Henry James’s The Portrait of a Lady and The Wings of the Dove

  • Future treatment options for non-obstructive azoospermia.

  • The Limits of Friendship in Contemporary Philosophical Debate