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Students at AUC must fulfill course requirements in their major, the Academic Core and take at least two courses in each major outside of their own to graduate. Beyond these requirements, students have the freedom to fill the equivalent of an entire semester (30 EC) with electives that can assist in broadening their perspective on a certain subject, deepen their knowledge in their major or simply study topics that interest them.

Broaden and deepen your education

Students can use electives to broaden and deepen their education in a variety of ways. They may prefer to try out a range of different subjects and pursue diverse interests, or may choose to take electives in a single subject area as an AUC minor. Students can select electives from a wide range of courses, including those offered outside of their major (keeping in mind any prerequisites), and courses in the Academic Core that may not be part of the degree requirements. There may also be some specially designed elective courses available and/or courses offered in collaboration with other institutions (such as UvA/VU honours courses, UvA/VU minors or participating in a semester abroad).

A student's future ambitions will influence the choice of electives. Where one student will decide to use their electives to supplement their major and specialise even further, others will explore topics outside of their primary field of study to prepare for special Master's or PhD programmes. The tutors at AUC will help make the best use of electives to balance and combine a student's interests and ambitions.