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At AUC we firmly believe that the biggest, most exciting and most urgent questions of our time require a science education that connects and transcends multiple disciplines.  Whether the challenge is to determine what makes up the universe, to invent cures for life-threatening diseases, to predict and prevent financial crises, or to make the transition to a sustainable world:  it is crucial to bring together different disciplines.  

You will be challenged to ensure you are skilled in rational and logical thinking and reasoning, and familiar with the development of hypotheses, testing them and changing them if results demand it. The Academic Core curriculum provides mathematical methods courses and required logic courses to support the acquisition of these skills. Particular attention is given to ways in which scientific reasoning and scientific facts are translated into public policy and public debate.

Tackling complex challenges

Modern challenges require young and creative minds equipped with strong analytical skills, rigorous disciplinary knowledge and the ability to navigate different disciplines. AUC offers you thorough, in-depth training in disciplinary sciences like physics, biology, informatics and medicine, but also requires you to immerse yourself in other fields of study. This cross-training, typical for a Liberal Arts and Sciences curriculum, will equip you with a solid foundation for your future career, with transferable skills that will be valuable for any profession, including those not yet invented.  

Constellations as your guide

To guide you on your educational journey AUC introduced a number of overarching interdisciplinary constellations. They help you structure your curriculum and thereby guarantee a desired level of depth. The selected constellations connect courses to some of the most compelling research areas: Cognition and Imagination, Digital Worlds, Energy and Climate, Health and Society, Human Development, and Order and Complexity. Studying at AUC, and especially the Sciences programme, will stimulate your intellectual curiosity, encourage you to bridge divides, and at the same time prepare you to pursue advanced studies in competitive graduate programmes in the Netherlands and abroad.