Board of Studies

The role of the Board of Studies (‘Opleidingscommissie’) is to help safeguard the quality of the degree programme by giving advice to the AUC governance and management team on its quality and the education being offered.

The Board of Studies also holds approval rights over the Academic Standards and Procedures (‘onderwijs- en examenregeling’) and is responsible for performing an annual evaluation of the way in which the Academic Standards and Procedures (‘onderwijs- en examenregeling’) have been implemented, in addition to advising on any changes.

The Board of Studies has eight members: half of them are academic staff that teach at AUC and half are AUC students. The AUC Student Council is responsible for nominating the four student members, and for ensuring that all three majors are represented, including at least one second-year and one third-year student. The academic staff in the four areas (Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences, Academic Core) nominate the four staff members (one from each area).

Published by  Amsterdam University College

21 August 2019