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The AUC tutoring team

Results: 1 - 20 of 36
Results: 1 - 20 of 36
  • Artime, Carmela
    Artime, Carmela (MA)
    20 Oct 2017
    Carmela Artime teaches Spanish language courses at AUC and coordinates the language programme. She is currently completing her PhD on contemporary graphic narratives representing the Spanish Civil War. Her academic ...
  • Bradbury, Forrest (Dr.)
    3 Aug 2020
    As a lecturer at Amsterdam University College, I strive to connect physical science theory to experiments and applications in research and technology. 
  • Brown, Alexandra (Dr.)
    12 May 2020
    Alexandra Brown teaches in the Culture and Media tracks of AUC's Humanities major. Her interdisciplinary background integrates cultural studies, religious studies, media studies and anthropology.
  • Chakarova, Vessela
    Chakarova, Vessela (Dr.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Vessela Chakarova teaches International Relations Theory and Practice, International Political Economy and Globalization. She received a Ph.D. in International Political Economy from Old Dominion University and an MA ...
  • Cohen de Lara, Emma
    Cohen de Lara, Emma (Dr.)
    19 Apr 2017
    Emma Cohen de Lara (PhD, University of Notre Dame) is senior lecturer in political theory and research fellow at the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research ( Before coming to AUC, she taught ...
  • Scott Dalby Amsterdam University College,AUC faculty Scott Dalby,AUC
    Dalby, Scott (Dr.)
    29 Aug 2016
    Scott Dalby teaches 'Big Questions in Future Societies' and the second year anthropology course 'Community and Society in a Globalizing World.' Trained in psychology, sociology and media studies (BA) and social and ...
  • Pedram Dibazar Amsterdam University College,Pedram Dibazar AUC,Pedram Dibazar Humanities AUC
    Dibazar, Pedram (Dr.)
    10 Dec 2018
    Pedram Dibazar is a lecturer at AUC (since September 2015) and a tutor (since November 2016). As a lecturer at AUC, he is currently involved in teaching Introduction to Cities and Cultures, Digital Anthropology and ...
  • Allard den Dulk AUC faculty,Allard den Dulk humanities,Allard den Dulk amsterdam university college,Allard den Dulk auc faculty
    Dulk, Allard den (Dr.)
    8 Sep 2015
    Dr. Allard den Dulk is Lecturer in Philosophy, Literature and Film at Amsterdam University College, where he is also a Tutor. He is a Research Fellow at the Faculty of Humanities of the VU University Amsterdam, and ...
  • Eijberts, Melanie (Dr.)
    Eijberts, Melanie (Dr.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Dr. Melanie Eijberts teaches The Global Identity Experience.
  • Etty, Thijs
    Etty, Thijs (MA, LLM)
    7 Sep 2016
    Thijs Etty teaches Environmental Policy and Law, and is a tutor at AUC. He is a Lecturer and Researcher in European Law and Transnational Environmental Governance at the VU University Amsterdam, where he is ...
  • Lorenzo Galeotti
    Galeotti, Lorenzo (Dr.)
    20 Sep 2019
    Lorenzo Galeotti is a lecturer and tutor at AUC. He teaches Logic, Information, Argumentation and Mathematical Logic at AUC. He also teaches for the Master of Logic at UvA. He holds a doctoral degree in mathematics ...
  • Geary, Wade, Amsterdam University College
    Geary, Wade (MA)
    21 Aug 2018
    Wade Geary is a Lecturer in academic writing, creative writing and literature at Amsterdam University College. Along with his teaching duties, he is also a Tutor; he advises both traditional and exchange students at ...
  • Jonathan Gill
    Gill, Jonathan (Dr.)
    24 Aug 2018
    Jonathan Gill received his PhD from Columbia University in American literature and has taught literature, history, and writing at Columbia University, Barnard College, the Manhattan School of Music, Fordham ...
  • Hsu, Huan
    Hsu, Huan (MFA)
    3 Oct 2016
    Huan Hsu is AUC's Senior Tutor. Huan Hsu also lectures in journalism, creative writing and academic writing at AUC. He is the author of "The Porcelain Thief: Searching the Middle Kingdom for Buried China" ...
  • Klepper, Maurits de
    Klepper, Maurits de (Dr.)
    24 Aug 2018
    Maurits de Klepper is a lecturer at AUC, teaching Basic Research Methods & Statistics II and Gastronomy: The Arts and Sciences of Cooking. In addition to being a lecturer, he is also a tutor.
  • Krijnen, Joost
    Krijnen, Joost (Dr.)
    4 Oct 2019
    Joost Krijnen teaches Advanced Research Writing and Big Books at AUC. Before joining AUC, he spent many years in Groningen where he studied English (BA), Literary & Cultural Studies (MA) and completed his PhD ...
  • Kupovykh, Maxim
    Kupovykh, Maxim (Dr.)
    21 Aug 2017
    Maxim Kupovykh teaches Classical and Modern Sociological Thought, Contemporary Sociological Thought, and Nations, Nationalism and Modernity. He studied Social Philosophy at the University of Moscow, and Sociology at ...
  • Lankreijer, Anco (Dr.)
    Lankreijer, Anco (Dr.)
    30 Aug 2017
    Dr. Anco Lankreijer is a teacher and tutor at AUC. He teaches the course Introduction to Geological Sciences, the field course in Earth Sciences, Big Questions in Science, as well as part of Life, Evolution and ...
  • Mazurski, Lara
    Mazurski, Lara
    21 Mar 2018
    Lara Mazurski is a lecturer and tutor at AUC. Mazurski is a PhD candidate at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA), University of Amsterdam (UvA) in the department of Literary Studies. Her research ...
  • Michael McAssey
    McAssey, Michael (Ph.D.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Michael McAssey teaches Statistics for Sciences, Basic Research Methods and Statistics, Advanced Research Methods and Statistics, and Calculus at AUC, where he also serves as a tutor.