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Social Sciences, list of faculty

Results: 1 - 20 of 58
Results: 1 - 20 of 58
  • Aalberse, Suzanne
    Aalberse, Suzanne (Dr.)
    28 Jul 2017
    Suzanne Aalberse (PhD, University of Amsterdam) teaches Linguistics at AUC. She is Assistant Professor at the department of Dutch linguistics at the University of Amsterdam. She studied at the University of Wisconsin ...
  • Ansink, Erik,Amsterdam University College Faculty
    Ansink, Erik (Dr.)
    26 Sep 2018
    Dr. Erik Ansink teaches the courses Environmental Economics and Sustainable City at AUC. Ansink is an experienced researcher and lecturer in environmental economics. His main interests are cooperation and conflict in ...
  • Bartelsman, Eric
    Bartelsman, Eric (Prof. Dr.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Eric Bartelsman co-teaches the courses Introduction to Social Policy, Fundamentals in Micro- and Macroeconomics, and Global Economics at AUC. He is Professor of Economics and Chair of the Economics Department at the ...
  • Lianne Boer,Amsterdam University College,Faculty
    Boer, Lianne J.M (Dr.)
    16 Oct 2018
    Lianne Boer is Assistant Professor of Transnational Law at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and a Research Fellow at the Centre for the Politics of Transnational Law. Following a BSc in Political Science at Radboud ...
  • Bozzacchi, Chiara,Amsterdam University College,Faculty
    Bozzacchi, Chiara (Dr.)
    3 Mar 2017
    Dr. Chiara Bozzacchi is the coordinator and teacher of the course Emphatic Brain at AUC. She is currently completing a new project on social cognition at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience. Funded by the ...
  • Brügemann, Björn (Dr.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Björn Brügemann teaches Macroeconomics at AUC. He is Associate Professor of Economics at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. He studied Economics at the University of Bonn and received his PhD from the Massachusetts ...
  • Bruyn, Eddy de, Amsterdam University College
    Bruyn, Eddy de (Dr.)
    30 Oct 2017
    Eddy de Bruyn (PhD, Cornell University) teaches Basic Research Methods and Statistics, Psychology as well as Developmental Psychology at AUC. He is Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam. His main ...
  • Chakarova, Vessela
    Chakarova, Vessela (Dr.)
    23 Apr 2021
    Vessela Chakarova is a lecturer, tutor and community project and internship programme coordinator at AUC.
  • Cohen de Lara, Emma
    Cohen de Lara, Emma (Dr.)
    4 Jan 2021
    Emma Cohen de Lara (PhD, University of Notre Dame) is a senior lecturer in political theory and research fellow at the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (
  • Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci,Amsterdam University College,AUC law,faculty
    Dari-Mattiacci, Giuseppe (Prof. Dr.)
    13 Sep 2016
    Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci is professor of Law and professor of Economics (by courtesy) at the University of Amsterdam. He is the director of the Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics, a fellow of the Tinbergen ...
  • Davies, Gareth
    Davies, Gareth (Prof. Dr.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Gareth Davies teaches the course on EU Law at AUC. He is professor of European Law at the law faculty of the VU University Amsterdam. He was previously a lecturer at the University of Groningen, and a barrister in ...
  • Hilla Dayan AUC faculty
    Dayan, Hilla (Dr.)
    7 Jan 2020
    Hilla Dayan is a political sociologist and lecturer at Amsterdam University College, teaching Global Politics, The Middle East Today, Comparative Democracy and Sociology of the Other. Her research is in the fields of ...
  • Pedram Dibazar Amsterdam University College,Pedram Dibazar AUC,Pedram Dibazar Humanities AUC
    Dibazar, Pedram (Dr.)
    11 Jan 2021
    Pedram Dibazar is a faculty member Humanities at AUC, a lecturer since September 2015 and tutor since November 2016
  • Eijberts, Melanie (Dr.)
    Eijberts, Melanie (Dr.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Dr. Melanie Eijberts teaches The Global Identity Experience.
  • Chris Elbers Amsterdam University College,AUC social sciences faculty
    Elbers, Chris (Prof. dr.)
    10 Feb 2016
    Chris Elbers teaches the course Advanced Macroeconomics at AUC. He is holder of the Desmond Tutu Chair for Youth, Sports, and Reconciliation in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the Vrije ...
  • Etty, Thijs
    Etty, Thijs (MA, LLM)
    7 Sep 2016
    Thijs Etty teaches Environmental Policy and Law, and is a tutor at AUC.
  • Ghebreab, Sennay (Dr.)
    15 Apr 2020
    Dr. Sennay Ghebreab teaches Information Lab and the theme course Introduction to Information, Communication and Cognition. He is also an adjunct associate professor at the Psychology Institute of the University of ...
  • Godijn, Richard
    Godijn, Richard (Dr.)
    1 Sep 2013
    Richard Godijn teaches the course “Perception & Attention” at AUC. He has obtained his PhD from the VU University Amsterdam and has worked as a post-doc at the Beckman Institute of the University of Illinois. His ...
  • Anne de graaf amsterdam university college,head of studies amsterdam university college,academic core auc anne de graaf,academic core
    Graaf, Anne de (Dr.)
    27 Aug 2021
    Dr. Anne de Graaf is a lecturer and tutor at AUC.
  • Dr. Julia Hoffmann, Head of Studies Social Sciences
    Hoffmann, Julia (Dr.)
    15 Apr 2020
    Dr. Julia Hoffmann is AUC's Head of Studies for the Social Sciences.