Welcome to the AUC Alumni Community!

Although your time as a student has ended, your relationship with AUC has only just begun. AUC aims to be an institution you can always come home to. You can stay connected to AUC and fellow alumni through various events organised by the AUC Alumni Association.

Established in July of 2012, the AUC Alumni Association connects AUC graduates with each other and the college through a series of networking events (both social and career-oriented), reunions, and social media, so ultimately strengthening the AUC community both at home and abroad.

Stay in touch

Please visit the AUCAA website for all information about upcoming (and past) alumni events and other relevant information. Additionally, AUC alumni can join the LinkedIn group and Facebook group to view and share professional and social opportunities. 

AUC and the AUCAA communicate with AUC alumni by means of a newsletter that is sent out regularly. In order to stay up to date with the latest alumni news please update your contact information. 

Update your contact information

Have you not received the AUC alumni newsletter, or have you recently moved to a new address? You can update your contact information via the form below so that we can always reach you.


The AUC and the AUCAA strive for excellence, diversity, and global perspective. We seek excellence in all that we do and believe that it is not only the responsibility of each individual to strive for his or her best, but to create the conditions for the success of others. Diversity is our strength. Different approaches, ideas and values are integral to the creation of a vibrant and challenging learning environment. Diversity, however, requires support. 

Stichting AUC Scholarship Fund (ASF) supports excellence and diversity in the AUC student body by facilitating access to the AUC programme for talented low-income and minority students. The ASF is funded entirely by donations from a variety of sponsors and stakeholders. Through awarding scholarships, the AUC Scholarship Fund supports selected students while they complete their Bachelor's degree at Amsterdam University College. 

Please join us in supporting these talented students by donating to the AUC Scholarship Fund. For more information on how to donate to the AUC Scholarship Fund, visit the link below.

 Contact us

Gerylaine Campos is AUC’s Alumni and External Relations Officer and serves as the institutional contact person for all alumni-related activities at AUC.

You can also contact the AUC Alumni Association Board by sending an email to The AUCAA Board consists of Berend Jansen (Class of 2018), Berend Hilberts (AUCSA representative, Class of 2019), Esther Baar (interim board member, Class of 2016), and Gerylaine Campos (AUC representative). 

Published by  Amsterdam University College

26 June 2019