AUC's academic programme

AUC offers a Bachelor (Honours) degree programme in the liberal arts and sciences, taught in English, and open to both Dutch and international students.

Robbert Dijkgraaf delivers his speechs during the opening ceremony of AUC

"Many of our students will later be in a position to make important decisions, whether in business, government, policy or academia. The scientific way of thinking and approaching life could be valuable if not crucial for their success." - Prof. Dr. Robbert Dijkgraaf

AUC's approach to liberal arts and sciences

The liberal arts and sciences approach of AUC means:

  • Opportunities to follow courses on a wide variety of subjects
  • Small international classes with personal attention and interaction with lecturers
  • Substantial freedom in designing your own study programme
  • Support and advice from a personal tutor on planning your study programme
  • A focus on far-reaching themes and real-world problems in science and society
  • Learning about the relationships between fields of knowledge, as well as building specialist knowledge in the subjects that interest you most
  • Advancing your personal and social development in addition to your intellectual skills

The AUC liberal arts and sciences programme is therefore rather different from traditional, single subject, university programmes. In addition to providing depth of knowledge, the AUC programme places particular emphasis on:

Tutors and personal guidance

Your tutor will advise you, and help you to ensure that your programme matches your future ambitions and will meet the requirements for graduation. Within these guidelines, you will have the freedom to select the courses you want to follow on the subjects that interest you most.

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Published by  Amsterdam University College

1 August 2017