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The Amsterdam University College Student Association (AUCSA), founded in 2010, is the umbrella organization that covers all the social activities at AUC. It provides funding to activities and supports committees where necessary. The organization listens to its members - the students of AUC - and acts according to their demands. AUCSA is organised by the students for the students. Activities include sports tournaments, parties, attendance to MUN-conferences and other initiatives proposed by groups of students of all sizes.

AUCSA's role is the role of a facilitator and coordinator of student endeavors. Therefore the actual organization and realization of events and activities is done by the committees and their respective boards. Together with all its members, the AUCSA board strives for the further development of extra-curricular student activities at AUC. In order to achieve this, AUCSA encourages all students to take initiatives and become involved in one of the many projects and activities available or realise an idea themselves. 

Please take a look at our website for more information: 

If you have any ideas or projects that can contribute to the student life at AUC or if you have feedback on how we can further improve our work, please e-mail or approach us in person! 

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AUCSA's committees

Below you can download an overview of AUCSA's current committees.

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12 February 2018