The AUC learning experience combines studying with cultural and social life in an international and residential campus setting in the eastern part of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam University College Campus

AUC is situated within the city of Amsterdam. The residential campus is located in Amsterdam Science Park in the Watergraafsmeer neighbourhood of the city. The academic building of AUC is also located at Amsterdam Science Park. The academic building was completed in July 2012 and is only a short distance from the student residences.In addition to the classrooms, the building offers study areas, a common room, reading room and cafe. Modern information technology supports all study activities, and students have access to laboratories for any practical work required for their studies.

Amsterdam University College Student Residences,Campus

Student residences

All AUC students are guaranteed accommodation, and the residential aspect of the international campus is an essential part of the AUC learning experience. You will not have to worry about finding somewhere to live in Amsterdam, and you will be able to relax and concentrate on enjoying your student life from the moment you arrive. You will live on campus in the AUC student residences for all three years of the programme.

Explore AUC and the Science Park campus via drone

Published by  Amsterdam University College

26 January 2018