AUC's admission requirements

In order to be eligible for admission to AUC, you will need to meet the following minimum requirements (follow the links for more details):

In addition, the AUC Admissions Committee looks for students with the following characteristics:

  • academic excellence: you must demonstrate your ability to meet the academic demands of the AUC programme
  • motivation and ambition to study an intensive and broad programme
  • commitment to contribute to AUC's international student and campus life

AUC students have on average a secondary school GPA of ≥ 3.0 (≥7.5 in the Dutch system, ≥ 5 for IB, ≥ 10 for Abitur).

If you do not (yet) meet the admission requirements, then any offer of a place at AUC will be on a conditional basis. The conditions will be specified in the letter offering you a place. You will have to meet those conditions before you can be admitted.

AUC is a selective programme with a limited number of places, and we prioritise prospective students who have not previously completed a Bachelor degree. If you already have (or are about to complete) a Bachelor degree, you can still apply to AUC, but your chances of selection will be low. 

28 October 2014