Schraven, Minou (Dr.)

31 August 2015

Dr. Minou Schraven teaches art history and museum studies at AUC. She is a specialist in early modern Italian art and material culture, with a keen interest in the ritual and magical use of objects and early modern festival culture. Before coming to AUC, Minou held postdocs at the University of Liege and at Leiden University. At Leiden, she has developed a project on the ritual use of portrait medals as building deposits: objects that were deposited within in the foundations of new buildings to implore both longevity for the structure and well-being for its inhabitants. Among her recent publications are: "Festive Funerals in Early Modern Italy. The Art and Culture of Conspicuous Commemoration" (Ashgate 2014) and, co-edited with Maarten Delbeke, "Foundation, Dedication and Consecration in Early Modern Europe" (Brill 2012).

Published by  Amsterdam University College