AUC downloads and publications

Academic Standards and Procedures

In the AUC Academic Standards and Procedures, you can find standards and procedures regarding the academic programme, assessment/examination and tutoring.

Course Catalogue

In the Course Catalogue you can find an overview of all courses that are offered at AUC.

Academic and Social Codes of Conduct 

In the AUC Academic and Social Codes of Conduct, you can find information and certain expectations related to social behaviour and conduct  of students and staff at AUC.   

Student Handbook

This handbook is designed to provide students with practical and useful information for their life and studies at Amsterdam University College, including important policies and regulations such as AUC’s Academic Standards and Procedures and Codes of Conduct.

Overview of courses

To provide a clear overview of all courses that are offered at AUC, several images have been developed that give an idea of what courses go with what theme and major.


To apply to AUC, please download the Application Guidelines and read them carefully. 

AUC Annual Review


Published by  Amsterdam University College

16 November 2016